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Mental Health Professionals
Mental Health Professionals Mental Health Professionals
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Latest Mental Health News

Mapping Brain Circuits In Newborns May Aid Early Detection Of Autism

A new map of newborn babies’ brains offers details of structure that will provide a new reference for researchers studying both typical brain development and neurological diso...
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Navigating Life 'Outside The Gate'

With 1.3 million active duty military personnel nationwide, coordinating and finding accessible healthcare and social services for their 1.7 million family members is a major ...
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Novel App Uses AI To Guide, Support Cancer Patients

Artificial Intelligence is helping to guide and support some 50 breast cancer patients in rural Georgia through a novel mobile application that gives them personalized recomme...
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New Molecules Reverse Memory Loss Linked To Depression, Aging

New therapeutic molecules developed at Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) show promise in reversing the memory loss linked to depression and aging. These...
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Does Herpes Cause Alzheimer's?

What causes Alzheimer's disease? The answer could be right under our noses, says leading expert Professor Ruth Itzhaki. Her latest paper presents a lifetime of research eviden...
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The Medical Minute: Helping Caregivers Address Mental Health Concerns

Caregiver jobs often come loaded with pressures. In fact, caregivers face a higher risk of developing a mental health disorder because of the stress that can accompany taking ...
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“They Made Me Feel Like A Person”: Palliative Care Counseling Changes Lives For Patients, Families

The patients are not the only ones who receive care at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Counseling for the patients and their family members is an integral part of the...
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Stimulating The Vagus Nerve In The Neck Might Help Ease Pain Associated With PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a mental condition caused by a traumatic event. People with PTSD may experience intrusive memories, negative thoughts, anxiety and ...
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PTSD Alone Didn't Increase Heart Disease Risk In Veterans With PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by itself does not explain the increased risk of cardiovascular disease in veterans with this condition. A combination of physical disord...
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With Age Comes Hearing Loss And A Greater Risk Of Cognitive Decline

Hearing impairment is a common consequence of advancing age. Almost three-quarters of U.S. adults age 70 and older suffer from some degree of hearing loss. One unanswered qu...
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How Exercise May Protect Against Alzheimer’s

Athletes know a vigorous workout can release a flood of endorphins: “feel-good” hormones that boost mood. Now there’s evidence that exercise produces another hormone that may ...
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Parenting In The Age Of Legal Pot: Household Rules, Conversations Help Guide Teen Use

When Washington voters legalized marijuana in 2012, many parents found themselves with a new teachable moment. Though illegal for anyone under 21, the drug presented a dilemm...
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How Parents Can Help Teens Navigate Social Media

Parents of teenagers can feel like they’re constantly fighting for their kids’ attention. The competition? Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, says Dr. Bhavana Arora, medical dir...
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Mouse Studies Advance Search For New Class Of Antidepressants

In experiments with mice, researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine report a promising advance in the search for a new class of drugs to treat major depression. A compound develop...
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Big Data Approach Shown To Be Effective For Evaluating Autism Treatments

Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute who developed a blood test to help diagnose autism spectrum disorder have now successfully applied their distinctive big data-b...
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Workplace Sexism's Effects On Women's Mental Health And Job Satisfaction

A new Journal of Applied Social Psychology study investigates the associations between workplace sexism, sense of belonging at work, mental health, and job satisfaction for wo...
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Traffic Fatalities On A High After Cannabis Legalization

Monash University research examined the effect of recreational cannabis sales (RCS) on traffic fatalities in three US states where it was legalised -- Colorado (legalised 2014...
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American Red Cross Launches Resuscitation Education Suite For Healthcare, EMS And Public Safety Professionals

The American Red Cross, the premiere provider of resuscitation and first aid training, today announced its new resuscitation education program that meets certification and lic...
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At Caregiver, Inc., Telepsychiatry Helps Texans With Dual IDD/Mental Health Diagnoses

In 2017, Randi Morgan, RN BSN and Senior Nurse Consultant at Caregiver, Inc., sought a better way to treat those with dual-diagnoses of intellectual and developmental disabil...
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Fewer Deaths Seen Among Young Adults Who Got Extra Adult Support As Suicidal Teens

Building a circle of trusted adults around a suicidal teen, to support them during vulnerable times, may have long-term effects that reduce their risk of dying young, a new st...
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New Scan Technique Reveals Brain Inflammation Associated With Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome

More than 1 in 10 people successfully treated with antibiotics for Lyme disease go on to develop chronic, sometimes debilitating, and poorly understood symptoms of fatigue and...
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Early Intervention In Autism Improves Language, IQ And Social Skills

Breakthrough research demonstrating that children with autism as young as 18 months can vastly improve their language, cognition and social skills with an early intervention d...
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Biggest Ever Map Of Human Alzheimer's Brain Published

A study of the differences between healthy brains and those with Alzheimer's Disease has produced largest dataset of its type ever. And the data, developed by a team of rese...
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Researchers Find Overdose Deaths Are Likely To Increase With ‘Changing Nature’ Of Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic could be responsible for 700,000 overdose deaths in the United States between 2016 and 2025, according to a new study published today in JAMA Network Open....
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New Program Launched To Improve Musculoskeletal Injury Rehab, Care For Service Members

A new, four-year program has been established to improve rehabilitative care for service members with musculoskeletal injury, ultimately enhancing overall military readiness, ...
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