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Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Specialists
Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Specialists Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Specialists
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Sept. 10 - 13

Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts 2019 Pensacola Beach CME/CE Conference

Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts

Sept. 17 - 20

29th annual Certification/Recertification Board Review Conference

Emory University School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program

Sept. 19 - 20

AzNA Centennial Celebration: Legacy of Pride, Future of Purpose

Arizona Nurses Associaton

Oct. 8 - 11

Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts 2019 San Antonio CME/CE Conference

Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts

Oct. 17 - 20

AASPA 19th CME Meeting & Surgical Update

American Association of Surgical Physician Assistants

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Latest Cardio & Pulmonary News

More Cancer Cases Among Women With Sleep Apnea

Women with severe sleep apnea appear to be at an elevated risk of getting cancer, a study shows. No causal relationship is demonstrated, but the link between nocturnal hypoxia...
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Study Finds Lack Of Racial Diversity In Cancer Drug Clinical Trials

New research published this week in JAMA Oncology has found a lack of racial and ethnic diversity in clinical trials for cancer drugs. The study — “Disparity of Race Reportin...
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WINDGO Granted IoT Wearable Products Patent

WINDGO, Inc., a research and development company specializing in smart material and vibrational transfer technologies, announced today that they have been granted US Patent No...
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Abnormal Blood Pressure In Middle And Late Life Influences Dementia Risk

In a study that spanned two and a half decades and looked at data from more than 4,700 participants, Johns Hopkins researchers have added to evidence that abnormal blood press...
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Le Bonheur Children's Hospital Successfully Creates Airway and Voice Box for Child

Le Bonheur Children's Hospital reconstructed an airway and voice box in the world's first successful surgery of its kind for 2-year-old Cooper Kilburn from Adamsville, Tenn. ...
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Pollutant Linked To Climate Change Can Accelerate Lung Disease As Much As A Pack A Day Of Cigarettes

In Brief Long-term exposure to outdoor air pollutants, especially the pollutant ozone, accelerates the development of emphysema and age-related decline in lung function, even...
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Advancing Telemonitoring Technology In Texas

Many Texans, particularly the poor and elderly, live in areas that are far from medical care. Telemonitoring, the use of technology to monitor a patient’s health status remote...
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New Solution To Elderly Falls: Drones, Smartphones And Sensors

Drones, smartphones and sensors could provide a lifeline to the world’s growing elderly population at risk of falls, helping to cut global hospital costs. A new system has be...
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Multiple Genes Affect Risk Of Asthma, Hay Fever And Eczema

In a new study from SciLifeLab at Uppsala University, researchers have found a total of 141 regions (genes) in our genetic material that largely explain the genetic risk under...
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TTI Heat Map Shows Relationship Between Traffic-Related Air Pollution And Childhood Asthma

A team of air quality and health researchers led by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) have created a first-of-its-kind, county-by-county interactive heat map and ci...
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ATS Publishes Clinical Guideline On Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome

The American Thoracic Society has published an official clinical guideline on the evaluation and management of obesity hypoventilation syndrome in the Society's Aug. 1 America...
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Goal-Oriented Rehab Improves Recovery In Older Adults

Goal-oriented, motivational physical and occupational therapy helps older patients recover more fully from broken hips, strokes and other ailments that land them in skilled nu...
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Oral Appliances May Be Highly Effective In Treating A Type Of Sleep Apnea

Certain traits may define a type of obstructive sleep apnea that can be effectively treated with an oral appliance, according to new research published online in the Annals of...
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Rethinking Seizures Associated With Cardiac Disease

Most people with a medical condition called long QT syndrome have a mutation in a gene that causes bouts of fast, chaotic heartbeats. They also experience fainting spells and ...
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COMPASS Study Website Shares Post-Stroke Care Insight, Resources With Patients, Caregivers And Health Care Providers

You’ve lost count of the sleepless nights spent in a hospital, but now your loved one is finally ready to go home following a stroke. Are you prepared to care for them? If yo...
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The Medical Minute: AFib Common And Incurable, But Controllable

One of the most common problems cardiologists handle is atrial fibrillation, also called AFib or AF. AFib is an abnormal or irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, s...
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Lung Lining Fluid Key To Elderly Susceptibility To Tuberculosis Disease

Old lungs are not as capable as young lungs of fighting off an infection of the bacteria that causes tuberculosis (TB), placing seniors at a greater risk of developing TB. The...
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Leaves Are Falling. Autumn Is Calling. So Are Fall Allergies

You may think you can’t tell the difference between the symptoms caused by spring, summer and fall allergies. They all usually involve sneezing, sniffling, itchy eyes and a ru...
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Study Finds Transport By Mobile Stroke Units Get Patients Quicker Treatment Than Traditional Ambulance

Every second counts for stroke patients, as studies show they can lose up to 27 million brain cells per minute. Researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at...
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A Simple Method To Improve Heart-Attack Repair Using Stem Cell-Derived Heart Muscle Cells

The heart cannot regenerate muscle tissue after a heart attack has killed part of the muscle wall. That dead tissue can strain surrounding muscle, leading to a lethal heart en...
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Professional Coaching Alleviates Burnout Symptoms In Physicians

Medical doctors in the United States are twice as likely to experience symptoms of burnout as other workers, which can compromise quality of care and place patients at risk. I...
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Premature Infant Heads To Home State After Spending More Than A Year In Unique NICU For Babies With Lung Disease

Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) is the most common illness that develops in babies born premature with underdeveloped lungs. A chronic disease that may present long-term brea...
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Hormone Therapy Linked To Heart Fat, Hard Arteries

Hormone replacement therapy is a common treatment for menopause-related symptoms, and new research from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health reinforce...
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New Tool Uses Swine Respiratory Cells To Study Influenza Viruses

Studying how influenza viruses cause disease just got a little easier, thanks to a new tool developed at South Dakota State University. Scientists have been using cells from ...
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Improving Outcomes For Sepsis Patients

More than 1 million sepsis survivors are discharged annually from acute care hospitals in the United States. Although the majority of these patients receive post-acute care (P...
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