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Dec. 5, 2022 - 05

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Oct. 3 - 06

Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts - San Antonio, TX

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Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts

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Latest Nurse Practitioner News

Help for Complex Scoliosis Patient

Sixteen-year-old Rishee Ray is making history at Cedars-Sinai as the first pediatric patient to undergo halo-gravity traction ahead of spinal surgery. Rishee has spent most ...
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Substance Abuse in Pregnancy Doubles Cardiovascular Risk

Pregnant women with a history of substance abuse face a dramatically increased risk of death from heart attack and stroke during childbirth when compared with women without hi...
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Researchers Develop New Method To Identify Potential Stroke Therapies

Researchers have identified uric acid as a potential therapy to enhance recovery from acute ischemic stroke using a new method for conducting preclinical animal research. In t...
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Integrating the Transitional Care Model into Nurse Practitioner Curricula
to Improve Outcomes for High-Risk Older Adults

Managing transitions in care for older adults and their family caregivers, no matter the care setting, is especially challenging in a rapidly changing health care system. Pati...
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University of Maryland School of Nursing Launches New Entry Master’s Program to Advance Careers in Nursing

The University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) will launch its new Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Entry-into-Nursing (MSN-E) program next spring. The two-year, in-pe...
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ANA Officially Recognizes Cannabis Nursing as a Specialty Nursing Practice

\The American Nurses Association (ANA), representing the interests of the nation’s more than 5 million nurses, announces the formal recognition of cannabis nursing as a nursin...
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Good Dental Care Tied To Better Brain Health

Need more incentive to brush and floss? A new report shows that good dental health is linked to better brain health. The study, published in Neurology, found that gum diseas...
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Paging Dr. ChatGPT: How These Penn Researchers Are Using AI to Make Healthcare Better

Note: This article was written by a real person. If you ask the artificial intelligence text generator called ChatGPT how it can help in medicine, it will answer you. “ChatGP...
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Can a Blood Test Detect Alzheimer’s Disease?

In July, the first direct-to-consumer blood test designed to assess a user’s risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease hit the market. The test, which has not undergone Food and...
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NIH Investigates Multidrug-Resistant Bacterium Emerging In Community Settings

New “hypervirulent” strains of the bacterium Klebsiella pneumoniae have emerged in healthy people in community settings, prompting a National Institutes of Health research gro...
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Academic Decline Could be a Sign of Hearing Loss

As children across the U.S. head back to school, the American Academy of Audiology recommends that parents and teachers pay close attention to children’s hearing ability. Educ...
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A Healthy Diet, Reading, And Doing Sports Promote Reasoning Skills In Children

Reasoning skills are crucial skills in learning, academic performance, and everyday problem-solving. According to a recent study conducted at the University of Eastern Finland...
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The Immunotherapy Revolution for Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases are a conundrum: Sometimes instead of protecting the body, the immune system turns against it. The target of its wrath varies depending on the condition. T...
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NIH Establishes Maternal Health Research Centers of Excellence

The National Institutes of Health has awarded $24 million in first-year funding to establish Maternal Health Research Centers of Excellence. Part of NIH’s Implementing a Mater...
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Arterial Stiffness May Cause And Worsen Heart Damage Among Adolescents By Increasing Blood Pressure And Insulin Resistance

Arterial stiffness is a novel cause of premature heart damage among adolescents, according to a new follow-up study. The study was conducted in collaboration between Texas Chi...
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Cerebellar Post-Stroke Deep Brain Stimulation Appears Safe And Feasible In A Small Trial

The results of an early-stage clinical trial indicate that deep brain stimulation (DBS) applied to the cerebellum may help recovery of upper limb function following stroke. Th...
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A Reminder: Have A Regular Eye Exam

Good vision may be one important factor for good brain health, according to a new report. The findings build on mounting evidence that poor vision increases the risk of develo...
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Back-to-School: How to Help Young Children Return to the Classroom

Q&A With Cesar Ochoa, MD, Director of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics The start of the school year can be tough for many children. For some, the struggle might last just ...
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Marijuana And Hallucinogen Use, Binge Drinking Reached Historic Highs Among Adults 35 To 50

Past-year use of marijuana and hallucinogens by adults 35 to 50 years old continued a long-term upward trajectory to reach all-time highs in 2022, according to the Monitoring ...
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Building on the Body’s Wisdom: The Age of Immunotherapy

What if, with a little assistance, the body already possessed the means to overcome many of the diseases that afflict humanity? Whether protecting against internal or externa...
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Penn Medicine Neuroscientists Identify Brain Mechanism that Drives Focus Despite Distractions

Trying to finish your homework while the big game is on TV? “Visual-movement” neurons in the front of your brain can help you stay focused, according to a new study from neuro...
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Cedars-Sinai Physicians Discuss the Importance of Preventing Health Dangers Due to Extreme Heat Waves

Climate change has supersized summer heat this year, with Southern California expected to again reach more than 100 degrees mid-month. Along with the rise in outdoor temperat...
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ACHC Expands ACHCU Academy to Include New Focused Tracks

ACHCU, the educational and training division of Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC), announces the inclusion of three new program tracks for its flagship ACH...
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Physical Activity May Prevent Fatigue In Patients With MS

A study led by the University of Eastern Finland found that better physical condition and higher daily activity predicted lower levels of fatigue in patients with relapsing-re...
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Six Ways Schools and Universities Can Break the Stigma Around
Mental Health and Substance Addiction

Educators, administrators, parents, and anyone who’s been to a school or college campus lately knows students are struggling like never before. They are depressed, anxious, an...
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