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Hospitals Deliver the Ultimate Departure Gift:Better, Safer Sleep For Mom And Baby

Over the past several years, many hospitals have updated their Safe Sleep programs to include in-hospital modeling of safe sleep and a take-home gift like a swaddling sack that helps the parents swaddle at home. This approach, combined with improved Safe Sleep educational material, increases the likelihood that new parents will recall, understand, and use safe sleep guidelines when they return home.

Recently, hospitals have decided to refresh and update their Safe Sleep program as they strive to maximize the impact of their program. They realize that parents are overwhelmed with emotion during their hospital stay, and it is very important to extend the educational program to the home. By providing a Safe Sleep take-home gift, they are providing a helpful tool and visual reminder of the hospital safe sleep educational material.

The programs are designed to educate parents about the Amer

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Survivors Of Breast Cancer Face Increased Risk Of Heart Disease

Thanks to advanced medical treatments, women diagnosed with breast cancer today will likely survive the disease. However, some treatment options put these women at greater risk for a number of other health problems. A new study out of Brazil shows that postmenopausal women with breast cancer are at greater risk for developing heart disease. Results are published online in Menopause, the journal of The North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

Cardiovascular disease remains the main cause of death in postmenopausal women, and women treated for breast cancer are at greater risk of developing heart disease than those not diagnosed with breast cancer. These cardiovascular effects may occur more than 5 years after radiation exposure, with the risk persisting for up to 30 years.

The goal of the new study was to compare and evaluate risk factors for cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal wom

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Stem Cells Reprogrammed Into Neurons Could Reveal Drugs Harmful To Pregnancy

Pregnant women are often advised to avoid certain drugs because of potential risks to their unborn infant's growing brain cells. Such risks are difficult to pinpoint, though, because there are few ways to track the cellular mechanisms of a drug while the fetus is developing.

Soham Chanda, an assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, has designed a new experimental system that can rapidly assess the pathogenic effects of a drug on a baby's developing brain. His system uses embryonic stem cells reprogrammed into neurons, offering a powerful tool for probing genetic and molecular underpinnings of drug-induced neurodevelopmental disorders. The knowledge gained from this new method could be harnessed to uncover unknown drug risks, as well as preventive therapies.

The research is published in Cell Stem Cell, and the work was primarily carried out while Chan

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Out Of Many Ovarian Precancerous Lesions, One Becomes Cancer

In a novel study of cancer genetics using fallopian tube tissue from 15 women, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center say they have found evidence that the most common and lethal type of ovarian cancer arises not from a uniform group of precancerous lesions, but from individual growths found in groups genetically unrelated to each other.

If confirmed in further studies, the discovery, described in the May issue of the Journal of Pathology, would go a long way towards upending a longstanding cancer dogma dictating that cancer steadily progresses from any and all precancerous lesions, and could lead to new ways to fight this deadly disease.

“We’re finding that it’s not a straight line progress from precancerous lesions to cancer in these tumors,” says Ren-Chin Wu, Ph.D., first author and associate professor at Chang Gung University School of Medicine in Taiwan “If we can

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