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Astronaut And Physiologist Dr Jessica Meir, Part Of The First All-Female Spacewalk, Visits UK To Inspire Next Generation Of Female Scientists

Physiologist and NASA astronaut Dr Jessica Meir made history in 2019 by being part of the historic first all-female spacewalk, and there’s a chance she may be the first woman on the moon. Dr Meir gave The Physiological Society’s 2021 President’s Lecture on 19 November at the Royal Society in London.

With NASA’s Artemis programme set to land the first woman on the moon in 2024, Dr Meir hopes she can fulfil her childhood dream of walking in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong.

The first all-female spacewalk, which Dr Meir did alongside Christina Koch, in October 2019 had a profound effect on her. She considers it a moment of tribute to the generations of scientists before her who fought for better opportunities for women in science.

Before becoming an astronaut, Dr Meir, 44, began her career path by studying the physiology of animals in extreme environments

As part of her PhD research, she

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Rizing Tide Foundation Announces First Annual Crest Physical Therapy Scholarship Recipients

Rizing Tide, a foundation dedicated to inspiring more racial diversity and inclusiveness in the physical therapy (PT) workforce, announced the first class of recipients for their Crest scholarship program. Three BIPOC graduate students enrolled in U.S based Doctor of Physical Therapy programs were selected to receive full scholarship awards to help further their education. Additionally, two Crest ‘Rizing Star’ winners were chosen to receive partial scholarships.

Each student will receive up to $14,000 each to subsidize their tuition, room and board, books or fees for this school year with the opportunity to renew annually until graduation. The scholarship recipients were selected by an esteemed panel of diverse professionals in the industry and awarded based on future impact potential, academic performance, personal character and conduct, leadership and other distinguished traits.

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Women With Long COVID-19 May Need Targeted Rehab To Counter Physical Activity Tolerance Problems

Women with long COVID experience heart rate irregularities in response to physical exertion, and this has the potential to constrain not only exercise tolerance but free-living physical activity (1).

In perspective of the greater prevalence of age-related physical disability among women, compared to men, these findings highlight a need for targeted rehabilitation programmes to manage the consequences of persistent heart and lung problems in women with lingering COVID-19 related symptoms.

That’s according to new research published today in The Physiological Society’s journal Experimental Physiology.

Drs Stephen J Carter and Marissa N Baranauskas, physiologists from Indiana University Bloomington, USA, report significant differences in the heart rate responses to and recovery from a 6-minute walk test in women several months following mild-to-moderate SARS-CoV-2 infection compared

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The American Academy of Audiology Cautions Parents on Toy Selection this Holiday Season as the Sight & Hearing Association Releasesits Annual Noisy Toys List

“Many parents don’t realize the permanent damage a simple toy can inflict on a child’s hearing,” said Sarah Sydlowski, Au.D., Ph.D., MBA, president of the American Academy of Audiology; and associate chief improvement officer and audiology director of the Hearing Implant Program at Cleveland Clinic. “When we fail to protect a child’s hearing, the result can be irreversible hearing loss.” The inner ear contains delicate hair cells which do not regrow. Once these are damaged by noise, the result can be permanent hearing loss.

The Sight & Hearing Association has produced an annual list on noisy toys prior to the holidays for the past 24 years. Since 1939, SHA has been identifying and preventing vision and hearing loss, in partnership with other professional and community organizations, by providing screenings, education and research. "During the holiday season, we look for the most popula

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