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Digital Well-Being Guidelines for Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this unprecedented time, technology has become part of the social fabric in a deeper, more intimate way than ever before—for those of us able to access it, technology has been a social lifeline. Unfortunately, our increased reliance on technology doesn’t diminish the challenges and dangers it poses.

We offer the guidelines below in the hope that they will help parents who are feeling overwhelmed trying to navigate the amount of technology used in our children’s lives, and in our own. To make technology more of a tool for well-being, rather than a hindrance.

It is also important to remember that many of these products are actually not on your side. The social media platforms that many parents and children use everyday profit by keeping us scrolling, clicking, and watching. The result is a system that creates addiction, self-obsession, misinformation, and content that outrages and pol

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Expert comment on antibody tests for COVID-19

With promises of antibody tests being rolled out in the next few days to NHS and care staff in England, and retailers told not to send home-testing kits as their accuracy is questioned, it is timely to consider what we do and don’t know about these tests. What do we know about the immune response to COVID-19 and how does this differ by age, gender, co-morbidities or other traits? What are the different tests available? How reliable are they? Do the tests show immunity? And do we even know how long immunity to COVID-19 might last.

What do we know about the immune response to COVID-19?

The immune response to COVID19 can be split into a healthy antiviral immune response or a defective/overactive immune response, which is often implicated in the resulting damage to the lungs and other organs, and then the person can be severely ill. There is a high percentage of patients that get infected

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Student Trauma Won’t Just Disappear In the Fall, Counselors Warn

When Lee Starck read about a recent 45 percent drop in reported cases of child abuse and neglect in Montana, he was skeptical.

“I think the opposite may be true,” said Starck, a K-4 school counselor in Stevensville, Montana. “When you think about the chronic stress of this time, the economic hardship, I doubt that’s an accurate picture of what’s going on.”

A new study suggests Starck is probably right. Three researchers found that reported cases of child maltreatment in Florida was 27 percent lower that it usually is this time of year. This drop is, in their words, “counterfactual” and is likely being mirrored across the country. School closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the researchers write, have severed the “link between child maltreatment victims and the number one source of reported maltreatment allegations — school personnel.”

School counselors and school psychologists, as p

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The American Academy of Audiology Recommends Protecting Your Hearing from Loud Outdoor Noise Exposure

As summer nears, the American Academy of Audiology is warning the public to protect its hearing when exposed to loud outdoor sounds—from fireworks to lawn equipment to road equipment, blasting and gunfire, many of these are dangerous for hearing.

As temperatures increase across the country and more regions open up to outdoor shopping and dining, more Americans will be spending a greater amount of time outdoors. At the same time, the numbers of Americans facing hearing loss is at a record high and rising annually. Outdoor activities can pose a significant threat to hearing health. More than 40 million Americans have some type of hearing loss with approximately 10 million of those attributable to sound-induced hearing loss—exposure to loud sounds. The American Academy of Audiology states that prolonged exposure to sounds above 85 decibels can damage hearing; louder sounds damage hearing

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