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Top Physician Assistants Honored As Healthcare Heroes Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Over the last decade, physician assistants (PA) have seen an increase in responsibility and authority within the healthcare industry, accounting for 49 percent of all prescriptions written annually. The pandemic significantly shifted their roles once again, uprooting many from their regular practices to serve in areas hit worst by the virus and requiring increasing responsibility, sacrifice and risk.

America’s Top PA Awards 2020 (ATPA), hosted by POCN, the largest and most trusted network of NPs and PAs, honors these healthcare heroes who have been nominated by their peers for significantly impacting their field during one of its most challenging seasons.

POCN and the ATPA Awards recognize outstanding PAs annually to coincide with National PA Week. PAs around the country nominate a fellow PA who is demonstrating excellence in patient care, professional and practice development, and co

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'IN CASE OF EMERGENCY' Timely Documentary on Emergency Nurses to be Released

Kino Lorber will release the powerful new documentary feature In Case of Emergency from award-winning director and photographer Carolyn Jones (The American Nurse, Defining Hope) with a live virtual premiere on Eventive on Wednesday, October 14, followed by a week of free streaming on its Kino Now service ahead of a wider on demand release.

Watch the trailer now:

In Case of Emergency was filmed in Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, Texas, and Vermont.

Ahead of its on demand release, In Case of Emergency will have its world premiere at The Boston Globe's GlobeDocs Film Festival in Boston on October 1, will screen at the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival in Ohio beginning October 6 (with a special drive-in screening October 9), the Heartland Film Festival in Indiana beginning October 8 (plus drive-in screening Octobe

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Major Achievement in Heart Surgery: New Implant Used to Treat Heart Valve Disease

In a complex operation, Martin Andreas' team from the Division of Cardiac Surgery at MedUni Vienna and Vienna General Hospital has successfully placed a new type of implant in a patient with mitral regurgitation. The minimally invasive procedure was the only available option to treat this female patient.

Mitral regurgitation is one of the commonest heart valve diseases requiring treatment. In this disease, the mitral valve no longer closes tightly, causing blood to back up in the left atrium. Shortness of breath is one of the serious consequences. A new type of implant, known as the Carillon system, has been developed to treat the disease. Two anchors connected by a shaping ribbon are implanted to reduce the dangerous reflux of blood.

Minimally invasive procedure particularly important for patients:

The special features of the new implant are that it does not impinge on the mitral v

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New Treatments for Deadly Lung Disease Could Be Revealed by 3d Modeling

A 3D bioengineered model of lung tissue built by University of Michigan researchers is poking holes in decades worth of flat, Petri dish observations into how the deadly disease pulmonary fibrosis progresses.

The causes of pulmonary fibrosis are not fully understood, but the condition is marked by scar tissue that forms inside the lungs. That scar tissue stiffens the walls of the lungs' air sacs, called alveoli, or, at advanced stages, can completely fill the alveolar spaces. Both scenarios make breathing difficult and decrease the amount of oxygen entering the bloodstream. Often the condition is irreversible, eventually causing lung failure and death.

Some clinicians are concerned that critically ill COVID-19 patients may develop a form of pulmonary fibrosis after a long stay in the ICU.

Researchers are searching for better treatments. While they've managed to find some drugs

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