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ASHA Offers Tips for Parents of Bilingual Children and English Language Learners Receiving Speech-Language Therapy Services

Across the United States, COVID-19 has changed speech and language service delivery in schools and homes for children with speech and language disorders. This may present unique challenges for families and students who are bilingual and/or English language learners. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association offers this guidance to parents and caregivers:

Talk to your child in your home language/s.
Speaking more than one language has many advantages (see The Superpower of Being Bilingual). Hearing more words and conversations, no matter the language, can help your child succeed in school. You will not confuse your child, set them back academically, or prevent growing English skills by speaking your home language with your child. In fact, home language practice is important to help your child produce sounds, learn new words, use full sentences, tell good stories, and interact socia

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Has the Coronavirus Got You Lost in Time?

A woman walked to answer the doorbell the other day and was surprised to see the workers who had arrived to replace her front walkway.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be here until Thursday,” she said.

“It is Thursday,” one replied.

Call it the CluelessVirus or CoronaDaze, but researchers have found that a majority of people have become lost in time because of the social distancing measures brought on by the coronavirus that have led people to spend more time in their homes and less time engaging in a variety of activities.

According to a new survey of 2,000 U.S. adults, the average person can’t seem to recall which day it is five times per week. And 59% of those respondents didn’t even know what day it was when they completed the survey.

Could the weather be the anchor in a never-changing world?

“I maintain simply the change of the weather from day to day is more important than ev

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In New PSAs, Advocate Taro Alexander Reflects on His Life as a Person Who Stutters

Speaking from the heart and from personal experience, leading stuttering advocate Taro Alexander offers inspiration to young people who stutter—and education to young people who don’t—in new public service announcements (PSAs) being released for National Stuttering Awareness Week, by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young.

The PSAs draw from Alexander’s own experiences growing up as a person who stutters. He is the founder of SAY and the 2019 recipient of the Annie Glenn Award, ASHA’s highest public honor. The award recognizes prominent individuals who make a positive difference to those with communication disorders. It is named for Annie Glenn, wife of late astronaut and Senator John Glenn. Mrs. Glenn struggled with—and eventually overcame—a severe stutter, transforming into a tireless advocate for people with communica

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Northwestern University Grant Delivers Free COVID-19 Children’s Book to Teachers & School Systems Nationwide

Elementary educators looking for a free resource to teach students about the Coronavirus and COVID-19 will have help from a zany book character named Mrs. Can. Thanks to a grant from Northwestern University and its Center for Food Allergy & Asthma Research, a free download of "The Class That Can: Coronavirus" will be available to teachers nationwide, along with a virtual resource to libraries and school systems by request.

The book features third graders from a fictional "Class That Can" who are learning from home because of the Coronavirus. The students are excited when their teacher, Mrs. Can, introduces them via computer to her friends, Dr. Kenneth Fox and Dr. Ruchi Gupta, both of whom are real-life, seasoned pediatricians.

"Teachers create meaning for students, and this resource can be a powerful part of their toolkit as they boldly innovate in the age of COVID," says Dr. Fox, a pe

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