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App Prevents Asthma Attacks And Helps Parents Manage Their Child’s Disease

An app that allows parents and doctors to monitor a child’s asthma has a big impact on managing the disease. When families monitored symptoms with eAsthma Tracker and adjusted care accordingly, children had better asthma control and made fewer visits to the emergency department. Using the app also meant that children missed fewer days of school and parents took fewer days off work, improving quality of life.

Results of the study were published online in the journal Pediatrics.

“It’s exciting to see that using an effective app can not only help improve the lives of children with asthma and their parents, but also allow their providers to give optimal care,” says the study’s lead author and University of Utah Health professor of pediatrics Flory Nkoy, MD, MS, MPH. He and his team created the app and carried out the research along with collaborators at Intermountain Healthcare and Parent

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Tulane Professor To Help Find Better Treatment For Respiratory Disease

A Tulane University biomedical engineering professor will share in a $2.6 million grant to research better ways of managing acute respiratory distress syndrome, also known as ARDS, a rapidly progressive disease caused by fluid buildup in the lungs and an overwhelming inflammatory response.

With no medication available to treat the condition, mechanical ventilation is the only viable option to facilitate breathing, however, it is a ‘double-edged sword’ that can itself damage the lung, Tulane biomedical engineering professor Donald Gaver said.

Funded by the National Institutes of Health, the project connects Gaver’s research group with researchers from the University of Vermont and the State University of New York to investigate fundamental physical, chemical and physiological processes that may translate to more effective treatment of ARDS.

Gaver, the Alden J. ‘Doc’ Laborde Professo

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New Doctors’ DNA Ages Six Times Faster Than Normal In First Year

In just a few short weeks, tens of thousands of newly minted doctors will start the most intense year of their training: the first year of residency, also called the intern year.

A new study suggests that between now and next summer, that experience will make their DNA age six times faster than normal. And the effect will be largest among those whose training programs demand the longest hours.

The findings about the effect of residency focus on the stretch of DNA called telomeres – which keep the ends of chromosomes intact like the plastic end of shoelaces. The discovery that telomeres shrink in an accelerated way among interns suggest the importance of ongoing efforts to reduce the strain of medical training.

But the researchers say their study also holds implications for other professions and situations that expose people to prolonged stress and months of long hours.

Published onl

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American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE Rallies People Nationwide In The Fight Against #1 Cancer Killer Of Women - Lung Cancer

During National Women's Lung Health Week (May 12-18), the American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE initiative, nationally presented by CVS Health, is bringing women and their loved ones together to raise awareness of lung cancer, the #1 cancer killer of women in the U.S. LUNG FORCE has made major strides in the effort to drive awareness of the prevalence of lung cancer and raise the funds necessary to support research for new treatments and better methods of early detection.

Half a decade after its launch, LUNG FORCE is building on its efforts to defeat lung cancer and encouraging people everywhere to participate in its annual Turquoise Takeover during National Women's Lung Health Week. Supporters can stand in solidarity against lung cancer by wearing turquoise, LUNG FORCE's signature color, and by turning their social media profiles turquoise. Now through May 25, people can also visit an

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