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Lighthouse Guild Offers Innovative Vision Rehabilitation eLearning Program For Ophthalmologists

Vision rehabilitation is the standard of care for patients who are losing their vision and ophthalmologists are key to improving access to care for these patients.

Recognizing this, Lighthouse Guild is offering ophthalmologists free access to an eLearning program titled, "Introduction to Vision Rehabilitation."

Dr. Alan R. Morse, President and CEO of Lighthouse Guild, says, "It is important that all ophthalmologists understand how vision rehabilitation can help their patients. Providing patients with information about vision rehabilitation options and initiating referral to services as early as possible in the treatment process is crucial to improving their quality of life."

The program is designed to provide ophthalmologists with an introduction to vision rehabilitation and basic strategies to help their patients. It is self-paced, divided into ten modules, and can be completed in a

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Older Driver: ‘I Wanted To Make Sure I Was Still 100 Percent Functional Behind The Wheel’

For 81-year-old Vincent Losito, happiness is driving his white Mercedes-Benz S550.

The self-proclaimed “foodie” takes regular trips into downtown Chicago to visit his favorite Italian restaurants. He even drives rental cars while in Italy, a place he frequents with family. But when a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease came 3 years ago around the time of his wife’s passing, Losito decided to seek a driver evaluation with an occupational therapist, just to be sure his skills were still sharp.

“I wanted to make sure I was 100% functional behind the wheel,” said Losito. “I was a pediatric dentist for 52 years. I’ve dedicated my life to children and I didn’t want to hurt a child or myself with a vehicle.”

Unsure what to expect at the evaluation, Losito had one goal in mind: increased confidence behind the wheel.

Losito made an appointment for a driving evaluation at Marianjoy Rehabilitatio

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Reducing Light And Noise Made A Psychiatric ICU Unit Calmer And Safer, Study Says

Turning down the lights and reducing noise levels as part of a stimulation reduction initiative can decrease assaults and the amount of time patients must spend in restraint at psychiatric intensive care units, according to new research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Findings published in the Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association showed that simple techniques to reduce sensory overstimulation played a major role in creating a safer environment for both patients and staff.

“The time period roughly between 4-7 p.m. often sees an environment of commotion and disquietude on high acuity psychiatric units resulting in a higher incidence of assaults and/or need to place patients in restraints to control aggressive behavior” said Rachel E. Fargason, MD, professor in the UAB Department of Psychiatry and senior author of the study. “On many psychiatric units, this

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First-Of-Its-Kind Survey Reveals Disconnects In How Patients, Physicians, And Employers Perceive The Health Care Experience

University of Utah Health today announced results of the Value in Health Care Survey, a landmark study that examines the viewpoints of patients, physicians and employers—three stakeholder groups that directly receive, provide, and pay for health care. The study explores how these groups perceive value and prioritize its components of quality, service and cost.

The national survey of 5,031 patients, 687 physicians and 538 employers, commissioned by U of Utah Health and conducted by Leavitt Partners, indicates that conceptually, while most stakeholders agree our health care system must deliver value—what that means concretely is unclear. Several key misalignments as well as surprising points of convergence were revealed, begging an obvious but overlooked question: Without clarity on how patients, physicians and employers define “value” in health care, how can we move forward?

“If we

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