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Walls Of Art Tell The Story Of UCLA School Of Nursing

When you enter the UCLA School of Nursing lobby, your attention is quickly drawn to three beautiful paintings adorning the walls. One depicts a small woman shaking hands with President Lyndon Johnson. The second is a hospital setting with a group of nurses and a therapy dog, and the third is of five woman on the steps in front of the iconic Royce Hall.

Painted by renowned artist Gregg Chadwick, they bring the School’s story to life in a way that engages and creates pride in the roll the School plays in the history of nursing and the history of the UCLA School of Nursing.

The Birth of a Project

Chadwick has had a long and supportive history with UCLA and the School. Two years ago, he was approached by Dean Linda Sarna with a request: would he consider creating a painting that would celebrate the School’s upcoming 70th anniversary?

They both soon realized that one picture alone would n

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Pharmacists Provide Patient Value In Team-Based Care

With inhaler in hand, Dr. Cheng Yuet went over every detail to make sure the patient understood how the drug would control their COPD symptoms.

"Use it every day, whether you feel like you need it or not," she urged.

Dr. Yuet is proving what a difference it makes when pharmacists are integrated into the health care team. As part of an innovative model being used at UNT Health Science Center, Dr. Yuet and three other pharmacists manage the care of patients with chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and hypertension.

"Our scope is pretty broad, which is unique in pharmacy," Dr. Yuet said. "As part of the health care team, our pharmacists can prescribe, change and refill medications; order laboratory tests; and schedule in-person or telephone visits for chronic disease state management."

Many patients are unfamiliar with seeing a pharmacist in this role, Dr. Yuet said.

"It is impor

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Opinion: Son's 'Coming Out' Inspires Doctor To Focus On LGBTQ Care

Six years ago, the wheels of change started spinning in my home when my ninth grader said he identified as transgender. As his father, the most important thing for me to do was be there for him and show my support. As a physician, I wanted to know everything I could to help, so I could answer any questions he'd have during his transition journey. But everywhere I looked, no one had answers — not my colleagues at the clinic nor my insurance company. I felt helpless. It's my job to have the answers, but I quickly found the resources weren't there.

My frustration inspired me to do something. In 2017, I launched a clinic dedicated to LGBTQ care at my UnityPoint Health practice in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I wanted to design a place where my son, and others like him, felt welcomed and had access to personalized care. Statistics show one in four transgender people had a very negative experience with

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Initiating Breastfeeding In Vulnerable Infants

The benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child are well-recognized, including for late preterm infants (LPI). But because LPI do not have fully developed brains, they may experience difficulties latching and/or sustaining a latch on the breast to have milk transfer occur. This means that these infants are at high risk for formula supplementation and/or discontinuation of breastfeeding. Without human milk, these infants lose a critical component for protection and optimal development of their brains.

A first-of-its-kind study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing (Penn Nursing) describes the positive human milk and breastfeeding outcomes in a program of care at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania for LPI born with myelomeningocele (MMC) which is also known as Spina Bifida. MMC is a condition in which the infant’s backbone and spinal canal do not close before

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