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Ohio State Study Finds Playing Brain Games Before Surgery Helps Improve Recovery

A new study by led by researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and The Ohio State University College of Medicine finds that exercising your brain with “neurobics” before surgery can help prevent post-surgery delirium.

Essentially, your brain can be prepared for surgery, just as the body can, by keeping your mind active and challenged, according to findings published online in the journal JAMA Surgery.

To study the effects of neurobics to prevent delirium, researchers gave 268 patients over the age of 60 an electronic tablet loaded with a brain game app. Patients were asked to play one hour of games per day in the days leading up to a major surgery requiring general anesthesia.

“Not all patients played the games as much as we asked, but those who played any at all saw some benefit,” said Dr. Michelle Humeidan, an associate professor of anesthesiology at Ohio Sta

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A Safety Precautions Protocol Reduces Self-Harm For At-Risk Patients In The Emergency Department

Emergency department (ED) boarding of patients with psychiatric illness is a critical issue.(1) These patients are twice as likely as medical patients to require inpatient admission and five times more likely to board (waiting for more than a set number of hours – often 4 hours – for an inpatient bed).(2)

A new study in the January 2021 issue of The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, “Keeping Patients at Risk for Self-Harm Safe in the Emergency Department: A Protocolized Approach,” by Abigail L. Donovan, MD, and colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, describes the implementation of a comprehensive safety precautions protocol for ED patients at risk for self-harm.

A multidisciplinary team developed the protocol to include several comprehensive safety precautions, including:

- Creating safe bathrooms

- Increasing the number and training of observers

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The Ad Council And The Covid Collaborative Announce A New Resource Designed To Address Healthcare Professionals' Questions About Covid-19 Vaccination

The Ad Council and the COVID Collaborative announced a new resource designed to address healthcare professionals' questions about COVID-19 vaccination. The videos [link]–which feature an introduction from Dr. Anthony Fauci–include experts from a diverse coalition of leading healthcare organizations and medical institutions sharing information around COVID-19 vaccine development and safety with their fellow physicians and nurses.

The video series was developed in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and top health and medical institutions. The content will be shared with the medical community to increase understanding and confidence about the efficacy and safety of the new vaccines. Topics addressed include safety, availability, cost, side

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Fusion Robotics™ Awarded Best Spine Technology by Orthopedics This Week

Fusion Robotics LLC, a spinal robotics and navigation company with a vision to make robotics a standard in spine surgery, not an exception, announced receiving a Best Spine Technology Award from Orthopedics This Week.

"We thank Orthopedics This Week for recognizing Fusion Robotics and our vision to remove economic and efficiency barriers from the robotics equation in spine surgery. Congratulations to Kevin Frank, Dave Vaughan, Pedro Costa, Michael Vogele, MD, Kirstin Boes and Kevin Foley, MD for inventing and guiding this system to fruition.

Congratulations also to our partners Interventional Systems and Intellijoint Surgical, for their creation of the robot and camera components, respectively," said Brad Clayton, Fusion Robotics CEO.

Fusion Robotics is focused on addressing the issues limiting the adoption of spinal robotics. These include navigation line-of-sight interference, inef

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