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Mental Health Professionals
Mental Health Professionals Mental Health Professionals

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Yale School of Medicine Utilizes Virtual Reality Technology to Study a New Era of Group Therapy | NEWS-Line for Mental Health Professionals

Yale School of Medicine Utilizes Virtual Reality Technology to Study a New Era of Group Therapy


Yale School of Medicine Utilizes Virtual Reality Technology to Study a New Era of Group Therapy

Yale School of Medicine in conjunction with Foretell Reality, a subsidiary company of The Glimpse Group, Inc., is actively studying the effects of Virtual Reality (VR) on group therapy for cancer patients.

Early indicators of the study have shown that VR-based group therapy sessions may reduce levels of anxiety and depression for cancer patients who are able to chat in VR with others and discuss their shared medical conditions in an interactive and collaborative setting.

The study is being led by Yale School of Medicine’s Asher Marks, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Hematology / Oncology) and Director of Pediatric Neuro-Oncology, who is seeking an effective and convenient solution for adolescent cancer patients to participate in group therapy without the hassle of traveling to and from the hospital after their discharge or have infection risk or are uncomfortable in a public setting.

“A major factor in this study is the convenience for patients to enter a VR-based chat room, something that is especially useful for people with rare diseases or those who live in rural areas” said Marks. “The VR technology offered by Foretell Reality allows users to jointly partake as avatars in a shared experience which cannot be replicated over a conference call or video chat. Additionally, patients in the study are presented the option to remain anonymous during the VR group session, giving them a unique opportunity to communicate with others in a way they may otherwise not be comfortable with.”

Lyron Bentovim, President and CEO of The Glimpse Group commented: "VR support groups have the potential to enhance patient care in a way that is not possible with current distance-based communication tools. We are thankful for Yale's Asher Marks and the brave cancer patients who are participating in this study. Yale Medical Group is a prominent organization that provides thoughtful care and deep insight. Asher Marks and his team are helping unlock the immense potential of VR. I'm proud to have The Glimpse Group and Foretell Reality as a leaders in this important initiative that aims at improving patient's lives.”

Participants of the study range from 13 to 30 years old and they all share oncology diagnosis, either in treatment or with treatment received in less than a year of participation. The study is primarily focused on young adults, who are given measurements to gauge levels of anxiety, depression and resilience to see how VR group sessions compare to more conventual methods of group therapy. 

About Foretell Reality and The Glimpse Group

Foretell Reality, a subsidiary company of The Glimpse Group, Inc. provides VR co-working spaces, collaboration, and interpersonal interaction between individuals and groups in various B2B and B2C settings to enhance productivity and human communications that overcome geographic and physical constraints through a secure platform, suitable for sensitive and/or confidential meetings; https://www.foretellreality.com/.

The Glimpse Group, Inc. is a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platform company, comprised of multiple software & services subsidiaries creating innovative VR/AR solutions, and designed with the specific purpose of cultivating entrepreneurs in the VR/AR industry; www.theglimpsegroup.com.

Source: Foretell Reality

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