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Mental Health Professionals
Mental Health Professionals Mental Health Professionals
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Arizona Nurses Associaton

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Latest Mental Health News

FDA Issues Clearance for the ReStore™ Exo-Suit, the First Soft Robotic System for Stroke Therapy

ReWalk Robotics, Ltd. (Nasdaq: RWLK) ("ReWalk" or the "Company"), a leading manufacturer of robotic medical devices for individuals with lower limb disabilities, announced tod...
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Competition at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games starts today, providing vital physical and mental rehabilitation opportunities for athletes

More than 600 military Veterans from across the U.S., Puerto Rico and Great Britain are in Louisville this week to compete in the 39th National Veterans Wheelchair Games throu...
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Research Program Aimed At Diversity Brings Young Scientists To MCG Through July 30, 2019

A program aimed at increasing the diversity of young scientists is being hosted for the seventh year at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University. PRIDE, or Progra...
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Music Can Be A Viable Alternative to Medications In Reducing Anxiety Before Anesthesia Procedures

Music is a viable alternative to sedative medications in reducing patient anxiety prior to an anesthesia procedure, according to a Penn Medicine study published today in the j...
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Hearing Loss Tied With Mental, Physical, And Social Ailments In Older People

Hearing loss is the world's fourth-leading cause of years lived with disability. The condition may worsen an array of mental, physical, and social complications. As over 90% o...
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Alzheimer's Gene May Impact Cognitive Health Before Adulthood

A gene linked to Alzheimer's Disease may impact cognitive health much sooner than previously realized. The APOE gene creates a protein, apolipoprotein E, which packages chole...
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Sustainable Savings On Medical Care

One popular idea for lowering the nation’s ballooning health care spending is to change the way insurers pay provider organizations for their care. Instead of paying a fee for...
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Cedars-Sinai Grants Address Homelessness And Other Critical Needs

Cedars-Sinai is deepening its commitment to the health and wellbeing of underserved populations in Los Angeles County by significantly increasing its financial support for sa...
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Novel Therapy Administered After TBI Prevents Brain Damage

An experimental treatment given to mice after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) reduced damage almost to the levels of mice that never had a TBI, researchers at UT Health San Ant...
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Insurance Linked To Hospitals' Decision To Transfer Kids With Mental Health Emergencies

A national study finds children without insurance who seek treatment for a mental health disorder in the emergency department (ED) are more likely than those with private insu...
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Treating Stroke Patients Just 15 Minutes Earlier Can Save Lives

Initiating stroke treatment just 15 minutes faster can save lives and prevent disability, according to a new UCLA-led study, published today in JAMA. The research also determi...
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Dementia And Transitional Care: Gaps In Research And Practice

Patients with dementia are hospitalized at higher rates and involved in transitional care more frequently than those who are cognitively unimpaired. Yet, current practices for...
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Child Psychiatry Telephone Programs Help Increase Mental Health Services For Children

Telephone hotlines that allow primary care doctors to immediately consult with a child psychiatrist about urgent patient problems appears to increase the number of children wh...
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Screen Time For Young Children: What You Need To Know

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently issued guidelines on screen time, physical activity, and sleep for children from birth through age four. The guidelines were issue...
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Perinatal Depression Screenings May Not Detect Women Having Suicidal Thoughts, Study Finds

A new study of 736 low-income pregnant women in Illinois found that more than one-third of those who reported thoughts of self-harm did not have elevated levels of depression,...
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Pain After Surgery: Addressing Emotional Trauma During Recovery

With the advancement of technology and medicine, G. Michael Deeb, M.D., a cardiac surgeon at Michigan Medicine, says society is used to, and expects, instant solutions to thei...
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Sound Mind: Detecting Depression

AI algorithms can now more accurately detect depressed mood using the sound of your voice, according to new research by University of Alberta computing scientists. The resea...
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Improving Care Quality For Hospitalized Socially At-Risk Patients

Nurses play a pivotal role in caring for hospitalized patients with social risk factors and preparing them for discharge. Now, a new study from the University of Pennsylvania ...
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A Third Of Children Up To Age 3 Exposed To Zika In-Utero Have Neurological Problems

New UCLA-led research suggests that 32% of children up to the age of 3 years who were exposed to the Zika virus during the mother’s pregnancy had below-average neurological de...
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Unusual Eating Behaviors May Be A New Diagnostic Indicator For Autism

Atypical eating behaviors may be a sign a child should be screened for autism, according to a new study from Penn State College of Medicine. Research by Susan Mayes, professo...
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‘Chaos’ In The Home Linked To Poor Asthma Control In Children

A chaotic household – one where things just don’t seem to run smoothly, there’s lots of noise, little gets taken care of in a timely manner, and where relaxation is difficult ...
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A Concussion Can Cost Your Job -- Especially If You Are Young And Well Educated

A hard tackle on the football-field, a crash on your bike or a fall from a ladder in your home can easily cause a concussion, which eventually can cost your job - especially i...
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Indications Why Older People Are More Susceptible To Alzheimer's Disease

The risk of developing Alzheimer's disease increases with age. Susanne Wegmann of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) in Berlin and colleagues have uncover...
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How You And Your Friends Can Play A Video Game Together Using Only Your Minds

Telepathic communication might be one step closer to reality thanks to new research from the University of Washington. A team created a method that allows three people to work...
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The Neuroscience Of Autism: New Clues To The Condition's Beginnings

UNC School of Medicine scientists unveiled how a particular gene helps organize the scaffolding of brain cells called radial progenitors necessary for the orderly formation of...
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