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Pediatric and Child Health Specialists
Pediatric and Child Health Specialists Pediatric and Child Health Specialists
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All Asthma Patients Should Have A Plan For An Asthma Attack

The tragic death of 13-year-old Broadway actress Laurel Griggs last week from a severe asthma attack highlights the need for effective asthma control and a plan for dealing wi...
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Study Finds Links Between Early Screen Exposure, Sleep Disruption And EBD In Kids

Digital media have become an integral part of lifestyles in recent years, and the ubiquity of digital devices coupled with poor screen use habits can have a detrimental effect...
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Respiratory Groups Call For An End To Preventable Pneumonia Deaths

In support of World Pneumonia Day, Nov. 12, the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS), of which the American Thoracic Society is a member, calls for an end to pr...
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Polygenic Risk Score Improves Psychosis Risk Prediction

A new study led by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has found that using a polygenic risk score (PRS) based on data from genome-wide association ...
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Here’s A Playbook For Stopping Deadly Cytokine Storm Syndrome

There’s no telling where the call will come from, or when. But Randy Cron, M.D., Ph.D., professor of pediatrics and medicine at UAB, knows to expect them. “Not a week goes by...
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Scientists Develop Sensor To Save Children, Pets Left In Vehicles

A small, inexpensive sensor could save lives by triggering an alarm when children or pets are left alone in vehicles. The new device, developed by researchers at the Universi...
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Mothers' Pregnancy-Related Anxiety May Alter How Infants' Brains Respond To Sad Speech

A study has shown a potential link between pregnancy-related anxiety and how a baby's brains respond to sad speech. Researchers at Aalto University and the University of Turku...
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Infant Home Visiting Program Linked To Less Child Abuse

Family Connects, a program where nurses conduct home visits for newborns and their families, is linked to substantial reductions in child maltreatment investigations in childr...
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Life-Threatening Lung Inflammation Linked To Vaping In 16-Year-Old

The fluid in e-cigarettes may cause a potentially life threatening lung inflammation in those who are susceptible, warn doctors in the Archives of Disease in Childhood after t...
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Youth With Abnormal Heart Rhythms More Likely To Have ADHD, Anxiety, Depression

Children and teens with abnormal heart rhythms (cardiac arrhythmias) are more likely to have depression, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) compared w...
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Cortica Opens New Center For Autism And Other Neurodevelopmental Conditions In Carlsbad

Cortica Inc. ("Cortica"), a leading provider of advanced neurological therapies for children with autism, speech and language delays, sensory processing disorder and other con...
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New Jersey Researchers Study Social Communication In Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury

Kessler Foundation researchers conducted a pilot study to determine ways to assess social communication difficulties in children with impaired social functioning caused by mod...
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Physicians Create Guide For Identifying, Treating Vaping Lung Illness

As lung injuries from vaping continue to rise across the United States, Rochester physicians and New York health leaders developed a new tool to assist in the diagnosis and tr...
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Q&A: A Drug-Free Option For Treating ADHD In Children

Deciding how to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children can be a difficult decision for parents. Stimulants, such as Adderall and Ritalin, are the most comm...
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Magic Therapy Program Helps Reduce Pediatric Patient Anxiety

The experience of stress and fears upon hospitalization is frequent with pediatric patients. A new study of pediatric patients at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital reveals that ...
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Three-Drug Combo Improves Lung Function In Most Common Genetic Form Of Cystic Fibrosis

A phase three clinical trial that UT Southwestern participated in determined that a three-drug combination improved lung function and reduced symptoms in cystic fibrosis (CF) ...
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How Measles Wipes Out The Body’s Immune Memory

Over the last decade, evidence has mounted that the measles vaccine protects in not one but two ways: Not only does it prevent the well-known acute illness with spots and feve...
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Screening Tool Administered In Pediatric ER Accurately Gauges Suicide Risk

A suicide risk screening tool that Johns Hopkins Medicine implemented in its pediatric emergency department six years ago appears to provide an accurate gauge of which youth a...
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Opioid-Related Gifts From Pharma Companies Linked To Physician Prescribing By Specialty

Physicians who received gifts from pharmaceutical companies related to opioid medications were more likely to prescribe opioids to their patients the following year, compared ...
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Testing HIV Testers

Improving rates of HIV testing among young men who have sex with men (YMSM) is a crucial public health strategy to stem the increasing HIV epidemic and to end HIV in the Unite...
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Everyone Who Works In Health Care Needs To Know About Opioids; This Free New Online Course Can Help

Even if they never write a single prescription for an opioid painkiller, or care for someone who has overdosed on heroin or fentanyl, people who work in every area of American...
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Aggressive Screening Urged To Detect Rare Lung Complication Among Children With Severe Form Of Arthritis

For thousands of children living with the debilitating disease systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (sJIA), a class of medications known as “biologics” have produced dramati...
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Lean Hospitals? How Lessons From Manufacturing Can Improve Health Care

The philosophy of maximizing customer value while minimizing waste — has long been hailed as a panacea for low productivity and poor performance. Introduced decades ago throug...
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Teens With Autism Can Master Daily Living Skills When Parents Teach, Reach for iPads

As adults, individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be highly dependent on family members or assistance programs for their day-to-day living needs. It has been repo...
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AADE And AANP Partner To Increase Adoption Of Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring Programs

The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) have partnered to release a new tool kit that guides healthcar...
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