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Long Term Care Professionals
Long Term Care Professionals Long Term Care Professionals

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Could Sloppy Record-Keeping Cost You Your Life? Advice from a Registered Nurse (RN) and Nurse Practitioner | NEWS-Line for Nurses

Could Sloppy Record-Keeping Cost You Your Life? Advice from a Registered Nurse (RN) and Nurse Practitioner


In a medical emergency, anyone can be rattled enough to forget important details, finding themselves unable to answer physicians' important questions about their health or that of a loved one. Anne McAwley-LeDuc, a retired nurse practitioner (APRN), learned this the hard way after her husband fell down the stairs and showed signs of paralysis. Being up for 24 straight hours made it even harder for her to think clearly at the hospital, where physicians sought answers about her husband's medical history since his records were not available. She simply could not answer vital questions.

McAwley-LeDuc came away from this experience with the desire to help other people—especially ordinary folks with no medical background— advocate for themselves and their loved ones for better and safer health care. This starts with keeping their own record of their major medical history for easy access and recall when needed.

The result is her new book, Personal Health Organizer: A Complete Easy-to-Use System to Quickly Document Your Major Medical and Dental History, A Lifetime Record (Husky Trail Press LLC). It provides an efficient structure to keep essential medical information in one place, providing a snapshot of their health history—past, present, and ongoing throughout their lifetime. The book is divided into 14 sections, including important health issues, family history, immunizations, medications, quick reference lists for diagnoses and surgeries, and women's and men's health.

McAwley-LeDuc talks about:

- The role patients can play in reducing medical errors

- Ways disorganized medical records can be deadly

- Why she says health safety begins with a pencil

- Why so few patients keep good medical records or grasp the need to do so

Praise for Personal Health Organizer:

"I think everyone should have one of these. This is important, and I'm going to get one for my kids. This would be a great gift for someone who just had a baby." –Jack Canfield, bestselling author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"Anne is lively and knows her topic well; and she should, she has more than 40 years of experience in the healthcare field." – David Snow, Doctor Health Radio

About the Author:

Anne McAwley-LeDuc is a retired registered nurse (RN) and nurse practitioner (APRN)—board certified in adult medicine. She enjoyed a 43-year medical career and was most recently employed by ProHealth Partners. She has a BS in business administration and an MS in nursing. Personal Health Organizer is her first book.


SOURCE: Anne McAwley-Le Duc

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