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Long Term Care Professionals
Long Term Care Professionals Long Term Care Professionals
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Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts

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Latest Long Term Care News

Pig Experiment Raises Ethical Questions Around Brain Damage

The brain is more resilient than previously thought. In a groundbreaking experiment published in this week’s issue of Nature, neuroscientists created an artificial circulation...
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The Medical Minute: The Importance Of Safely Disposing Of Opioids

Cleaning out your medicine cabinet is about more than having a tidy bathroom. In an age of opioid addiction, it can also prevent leftover medications from getting into the wro...
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Technology Automatically Senses How Parkinson’s Patients Respond To Medication

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a chronic, progressive neurological disorder affecting approximately 6 million people globally and is expected to double by 2040. PD leads to disab...
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Computer-Based Memory Games May Benefit People With Fragile X Syndrome

In the largest non-pharmacological trial ever in children with fragile X syndrome (FXS), UC Davis researchers found that large-scale, in-home cognitive interventions are feasi...
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World Hemophilia Day 2019

On April 17, 2019, the global bleeding disorders community and the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) will come together to celebrate World Hemophilia Day. World Hemophilia ...
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SWORD Health Raises $8M In Series A Funding Round Led By Khosla Ventures To Redefine Physical Therapy And Musculoskeletal Care

SWORD Health, a tech-enabled physical therapy provider, has raised $8 million in a series A investment round led by Khosla Ventures and several other prominent angel investors...
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Parkinson's Foundation Issues First Patient-Centered Research Agenda For Women Living With Parkinson's

Recognizing long-standing gender disparities in Parkinson's research and care, the Parkinson's Foundation Women and Parkinson's Initiative has created the first patient-center...
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Hospital Study Finds Substantial Proportion Of Patients And Healthcare Workers Shed Flu Virus Before Symptoms Appear

New research examining influenza transmission in a tertiary hospital finds that a substantial proportion of patients and healthcare works shed the flu virus before the appeara...
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Safety-Net Hospitals Fare Better Under New Medicare Reimbursement Rules

New Medicare reimbursement rules provide some relief to safety-net hospitals, shifting the burden of financial penalties toward hospitals serving wealthier patient populations...
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New Algorithm Identifies Patients Harboring Tumor-Causing Defect Found In Multiple Cancers And Treatable With Common Drug

Medications known as PARP inhibitors have emerged as a promising therapy for several forms of cancer fueled by a defect in the cells’ DNA repair machinery. Yet many people wi...
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Experimental PET Scan Detects Abnormal Tau Protein In Brains Of Living Former NFL Players

Using an experimental positron emission tomography (PET) scan, researchers have found elevated amounts of abnormal tau protein in brain regions affected by chronic traumatic e...
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Chronic Diseases Restrict The Mobility Of Older People -- Often Unconsciously

Chronic diseases are a key factor limiting the mobility of older people. Usually individuals are conscious of their condition in the case of an acute musculoskeletal disorder ...
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Caregiving Not As Bad For Your Health As Once Thought, Study Says

For decades, articles in research journals and the popular press alike have reported that being a family caregiver takes a toll on a person’s health, boosting levels of inflam...
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Animal-Assisted Therapy Improves Social Behavior In Patients With Brain Injuries

Animal-assisted therapy can foster social competence in patients with brain injuries and increase their emotional involvement during therapy. These were the findings of a clin...
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CDC Issues Key Clarification On Guideline For Prescribing Opioids For Chronic Pain

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the American Society of Hematology (ASH), and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) are pleased to acknowledge r...
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Robots Created With 3D Printers Could Be Caring For Those In Golden Years

The world's elderly population is booming. The number of older people -- those age 60 years or older -- is expected to more than double by 2050 and is growing faster than all ...
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Nurse.com Survey Of Registered Nurses Exposes Potentially Costly Gaps In Skin Health Training

Medline today announced results of a new skin and wound care survey completed in conjunction with Nurse.com that highlights some potentially costly gaps in training and purcha...
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Discovery Shows How Mucus Build-up, Not Infections, Triggers Cystic Fibrosis Lung Damage

The build-up of abnormally thick mucus and the associated inflammation appear to be the initiating cause of damage to the lungs of children with cystic fibrosis (CF), rather t...
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During April's Sarcoidosis Awareness Month, Patients Have Additional Support From The American Lung Association And Foundation For Sarcoidosis Research

Lifelong Chicago resident Debbie Davis was hospitalized at the age of 49 for a series of symptoms that included dry mouth, swollen lymph nodes and shortness of breath. She wa...
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Okyanos Center For Regenerative Medicine Treats Military Veterans With Stem Cell Therapy For Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) And Chronic Pain Due To Orthopedic Injuries

Twenty-four U.S. military veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) have received stem cell therapy at Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine under a special init...
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Immunotherapy Kicks And Kills HIV By Exploiting A Common Virus

In a first on the quest to cure HIV, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health scientists report today in EBioMedicine that they’ve developed an all-in-one imm...
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WVU Researchers Identify How Light At Night May Harm Outcomes In Cardiac Patients

In a study funded by the National Institutes of Health, West Virginia University neuroscientists linked white light at night--the kind that typically illuminates hospital room...
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Graham Hospital Spotlights Pressure Ulcer Prevention Successes At Illinois Health And Hospital Association Quality Advocacy Showcase

The story of one hospital's dramatic reduction in patient pressure ulcers will be showcased at the Illinois Health and Hospital Association (IHA) Quality Advocacy Showcase, to...
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First Artificial Heart Patient Gets Permanent Replacement

Tim Lowell of Hernando, Mississippi, received the first total artificial heart in the state of Tennessee when the cardiac surgery team at Vanderbilt Health placed the device i...
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A "Low Dose Aspirin" For Dementia? Drug Ready For First In-Human Testing

Alzheimer's disease wreaks emotional havoc on patients, who are robbed of their memories, their dignity, and their lives. It’s financially devastating as well: care for Alzhe...
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