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HFAP Benchmarking Report Demonstrates COVID-19 Impact on Stroke Programs | NEWS-Line for Radiology Professionals

HFAP Benchmarking Report Demonstrates COVID-19 Impact on Stroke Programs


HFAP, a brand of Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), has released “A Year of Caring, Benchmarking 2020 Performance in HFAP-certified Stroke Centers.”

The report aggregates data received quarterly from HFAP-certified stroke programs and summarizes performance measures aligned with the American Stroke Association’s Get With The Guidelines™ metrics.

HFAP collected the data throughout 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic as it substantially changed healthcare professionals’ roles and led to an increased incidence of acute ischemic stroke among COVID-19 patients.*

“These findings are an example of how our knowledge of stroke continues to grow, especially its risk factors, triggers, and variations,” said Deanna Scatena, Associate Program Director for HFAP. “We now know that we have to change our expectations regarding what we call typical stroke patients because of COVID. It also demonstrates how quality care provided by certified stroke centers is critical.”

Key Findings

For the first time, in addition to analyzing data applicable to all certified stroke programs, HFAP is including analyses from specialized Thrombectomy and Comprehensive Stroke Centers. The results demonstrate that HFAP-certified stroke centers at all program levels continue to meet or exceed the benchmarks established as national goals.

“In 2021, we will be undertaking a full review of our stroke certification program,” said Scatena. “Our goal is to continue providing data-driven insights for ongoing quality improvement to aid our certified Stroke Centers.”

To review the report, or for more information about stroke center certifications (Stroke Ready, Primary Stroke, Thrombectomy Stroke, Comprehensive Stroke), please visit www.achc.org.

*Jillella, et al. ‘Ischemic stroke in COVID-19: An urgent need for early identification and management,’ PLOS One, September 18, 2020, https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0239443


HFAP has been providing accreditation services to healthcare organizations since 1945 and is now a brand of ACHC.

Accreditation leader ACHC is a nonprofit with 35 years of experience promoting safe, quality patient care. ACHC develops solutions trusted by healthcare providers nationwide and is committed to offering exceptional, personalized service, and a customized, collaborative accreditation experience tailored to individual needs. ACHC focuses on giving providers a positive, educational experience that continually enhances quality of care and business efficiencies.

Learn more about accreditation options from ACHC. For information on programs and accreditation pricing, please email [email protected], call (855) 937-2242 or visit www.achc.org

Source: HFAP

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