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Many Patients With Early-Stage Breast Cancer Receive Costly, Inappropriate Testing, Says Fred Hutch Study

A study from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center that will be presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting on June 5 in Chicago shows that asymptom...
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Patients In Rural Hospitals Can Save Thousands Of Dollars if Local Hospital Is Part Of Tele-Emergency Room Network

Patients in small towns can save thousands of dollars in health care costs if their local rural hospital is part of a tele-emergency room network, according to a new study fro...
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New Brain Mapping Tool Produces Higher Resolution Data During Brain Surgery

Researchers have developed a new device to map the brain during surgery and distinguish between healthy and diseased tissues. The device provides higher resolution neural read...
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New Imaging Technique Aims To Ensure Surgeons Completely Remove Cancer

Of the quarter-million women diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the United States, about 180,000 undergo surgery to remove the cancerous tissue while preserving as muc...
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“Humbling” Hospital Simulations Inspire Stanford Graduate Students To Solve Problems In Health Care Delivery

A recent Biodesign Innovation class got off to an unusual start. Instead of asking students to pull out their laptops and listen to a lecture, organizers handed out envelopes ...
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Penn Study Pinpoints Accuracy Of ICU Doctors’ And Nurses’ Predictions Of Patient Outcomes

Physicians in intensive care units (ICUs) routinely consider their patients’ chances of survival and recovery when guiding patients and family members in making important deci...
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Antibiotic Therapy For Nearly One In Four Adults With Pneumonia Does Not Work

Approximately one in four (22.1 percent) adults prescribed an antibiotic in an outpatient setting (such as a doctor’s office) for community-acquired pneumonia does not respond...
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The Medical Minute: Lawn Mower Injuries Often Prove Severe

The buzz of lawn mowers signals the arrival of spring as much as singing birds and kids playing outside. Yet it’s easy to forget that the machines can cause serious damage if ...
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Social Contagion In The Exam Room: Peer Influence And Cancer Surgeons’ Use Of Breast MRI

A new study by researchers at Yale School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has found that surgeons’ use of a new imaging test is influenced by the practice sty...
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Tiny Bubbles Help Heal Broken Bones, In Pigs

Researchers have developed a much needed alternative to bone grafts that could help alleviate the long-term hospitalization, disability, and considerable costs to the health s...
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Unlocking The Mystery Of Multiple Sclerosis With Tech

What if a single smartphone app could help solve the enigma of multiple sclerosis (MS) and move new treatments ahead at lightning speed? That was the bold idea that led Keck M...
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Scoliosis Reversed By REACT Physical Therapy With Non-Invasive, No-Brace Treatment: The Reavy Method

REACT, the only Physical Therapy center in the world that uses the patent-pending Reavy Method, has employed their proprietary treatment methods to correct the scoliosis of a...
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MAGNET Study Sees Potential For MRE In Measuring Liver Fibrosis In Children

Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, with collaborators across the nation, have determined that magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) can be a...
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Mannequin, Trained Actors Help Physicians Diagnose And Communicate Brain Death

One of the most difficult skills a neurologist must learn is how to diagnosis brain death and communicate the bad news to family members. A Loyola Medicine study has found th...
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SPECT/CT Combined With Fluorescence Imaging Detects Micrometastases

Researchers in The Netherlands have demonstrated that combining SPECT/CT and fluorescence imaging could help surgeons differentiate tumor tissue from normal tissue. The resear...
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Smartphones In The ER Can Help Discharge Patients Faster

Chest pain patients in the emergency department whose attending emergency physicians received lab results delivered direct to their smartphones spent about 26 minutes less wai...
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Dementia-Related Brain Changes Observed Before Memory Or Thinking Problems Are Noticeable

University of Toronto and Baycrest Rotman Research Institute (RRI) scientists have discovered a potential brain imaging predictor for dementia, which illustrates that changes ...
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Your current issue of NEWS-Line for Radiology Professionals eMagazine is now posted!

The feature issue of NEWS-Line for Radiology Professionals magazine is now online https://www.news-line.com/online/2017OL/1705nlPXF/ ...
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Ultrasound For Children With Broken Arms: Accurate, Faster, Less Painful Than X-Rays

Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) assessment of distal forearm injuries in children is accurate, timely, and associated with low levels of pain and high caregiver satisfaction....
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"Incidental Findings" From Scans Challenge Efforts To Reduce Health Care Costs

In an analysis of medical records gathered from more than 300 hospitalized patients, a team of researchers reports that routine imaging scans used to help diagnose heart attac...
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Three Questions Pregnant Women Should Ask About Fetal Ultrasounds

For pregnant women, it is standard practice to get a general fetal ultrasound between 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy. Ultrasound scans, which use high-frequency sound waves to sh...
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Medical Groups Join Forces To Improve Cardiac Imaging Use In Children

The Image Gently Alliance, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and a coalition of pediatric medicine and cardiology organizations have launched the “Have-A-Heart” campaig...
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World Hand Hygiene Day: AANA Offers Five Precautions For Hospital Patients And Visitors To Heed

The last thing a patient should have to worry about is a hospital-acquired infection (HAI), courtesy of a family member or friend. In recognition of World Hand Hygiene Day, Ma...
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PET/CT Helps Predict Therapy Effectiveness In Pediatric Brain Tumors

Brain cancers are difficult to treat, and it can be hard to predict whether a therapy will be effective. When the patient is a child, it's even more important to predict the p...
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First Alzheimer’s Patient Treated with Focused Ultrasound to Open the Blood-Brain Barrier

Sunnybrook scientists have made history as they used focused ultrasound to safely and non-invasively breach the blood-brain barrier (BBB) temporarily in patients with Alzheime...
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