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Latest Radiology News

New 3D Imaging Technique Could Lead To Improved Arthritis Treatment

An algorithm to monitor the joints of patients with arthritis, which could change the way that the severity of the condition is assessed, has been developed by a team of engin...
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Looking Back At RFK’s Assassination: A Medical Analysis Of His Injuries And Neurosurgical Care

Charlottesville, VA (June 19, 2018). This month marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Struck by bullets on June 5, 1968, following his ...
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Laser-Sonic Scanner Aims To Replace Mammograms For Finding Breast Cancer

For women over 40, mammography is a necessary yet annoying procedure to endure every year or two. The technique, while valuable for reducing breast cancer deaths, is less than...
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Faster Analysis Of Medical Images

Medical image registration is a common technique that involves overlaying two images, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, to compare and analyze anatomical differe...
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Deep Brain Stimulation Showing Promise For Patients With Mild Alzheimer’s Disease Over Age 65

An age group analysis of data from the ADvance trial has shown that participants over the age of 65 continue to derive the most benefit from Deep Brain Stimulation of the forn...
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Mild Problem-Solving Task Improves Brain Function After A Concussion, New Study Suggests

Concern is growing about the danger of sports-related concussions and their long-term impact on athletes. But physicians and healthcare providers acknowledge that the science ...
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Researchers Find The Brain Processes Sight And Sound In Same Manner

Although sight is a much different sense than sound, Georgetown University Medical Center neuroscientists have found that the human brain learns to make sense of these stimuli...
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EEG Can Determine If A Depressed Patient Will Do Better On Antidepressants Or Talk Therapy

People react differently to positive events in their lives. For some, a small reward can have a large impact on their mood, while others may get a smaller emotional boost from...
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Checking In (And Checking Up) On Dad This Father’s Day

While dad may “know best” about many things, he may not realize that keeping up with simple health screenings may protect him from developing cancer. With June being Men’s Hea...
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New Radiation Therapy Technique Aims To Preserve Sexual Function

“Will treatment make me impotent?” It’s a question on the minds of many men as they are making decisions about prostate cancer treatment. A multicenter clinical trial being le...
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Medical Imaging Technology Detects Vascular Disorders, Brain Injuries

Purdue Universityresearchers have developed an analytical imaging technology based on functional MRI for detecting and monitoring cerebral vascular disorders and injuries tha...
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What Doctors Wear Really Does Matter, Study Finds

Physicians may want to dig a little deeper into their closets, or grab their white coats on the way out of the operating room, if they want patients to view them favorably, ac...
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Study Finds Older Patients Who Undergo Mammography Also Are More Likely to Pursue Other Preventive Tests

Medicare patients who undergo mammography screening also are more likely to follow up with other recommended preventive services such as cervical cancer screenings or Pap smea...
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Researchers Magnify Brain In Motion With Every Heartbeat

Understanding how the brain moves – at rest and upon impact – has been crucial to understanding brain disorders, but technology has lagged behind. Now, researchers from Steven...
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New Study Finds Pitcher Injuries Increase As Pitch Count Rises

More than half of high school baseball pitchers report experiencing pain in their throwing arms during the season. To better understand the cause of these injuries, researcher...
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Most Hospitals Now Require Workers To Get Flu Shots – Except Those That Treat Veterans, Study Finds

In just a few short months, hospitals across the country will start their annual push to make sure their workers get vaccinated against influenza, to protect themselves and ot...
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The Power Of Telemedicine

Betty Ozen has a spring in her step again, thanks to her quick-acting daughter, the wonders of telemedicine and a helping paw from Jojo. The grandmother of 12 and great-gran...
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Why Some Gain When Under Pain

Despite being hampered by painful injuries, many athletes continue to compete and win. For example, Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Bobby Baun scored the winning goal in overti...
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Assessment Of Biomarkers Of Subconcussive Head Trauma

Researchers from The Sport Science Center at Texas Christian University, Texas Health Sports Medicine, and the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse evaluated the usefulness of bi...
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Breast Cancer Survivors Aren’t Getting Recommended Number of Mammograms Post-Surgery, Study Finds

Breast cancer survivors are not getting the recommended level of screening, post-surgery, according to a newly-published study in JNCCN – Journal of the National Comprehensive...
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Data From Online Physician Review Sites May Be Skewed And Misleading To Consumers, New Study Finds

Physician satisfaction scores on online third-party review sites tend to be skewed and can easily mislead patients, according to a new study by Cedars-Sinai investigators. ...
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Subtle Hearing Loss While Young Changes Brain Function, Study Finds

Cranking up your headphones or scrambling for a front-row spot at rock shows could be damaging more than your hearing. New research from The Ohio State University has found ...
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Practicing Declining Patient Simulations Help Improve Clinician Responses

A project in the radiation oncology outpatient unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital showed an improvement in clinician’s comfort level in responding to urgent patient care situation...
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Humira Does Not Improve Aortic Vascular Inflammation In Psoriasis Patients

An antibody used to treat the skin disease psoriasis and other chronic autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease has no effect on aortic ...
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How A Telestroke Program Saved The Life Of A 30-Year-Old Stroke Patient

Chris Scholten was sitting on the couch with his wife Crystal when he felt something pop in the back of his head. His blood pressure spiked, he began throwing up and talking ...
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