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Latest Radiology News

Flexible Ultrasound Patch Could Make It Easier To Inspect Damage In Odd-Shaped Structures

Researchers have developed a stretchable, flexible patch that could make it easier to perform ultrasound imaging on odd-shaped structures, such as engine parts, turbines, reac...
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Brain Scans May Help Diagnose Neurological, Psychiatric Disorders

There are no laboratory tests to diagnose migraines, depression, bipolar disorder and many other ailments of the brain. Doctors typically gauge such illnesses based on self-re...
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What Is Testicular Cancer?

Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men ages 15 to 35. The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates that there will be approximately 9,310 new cases of testi...
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Family Grateful 5-Year-Old Son’s Brain Tumor Treated With Proton Therapy

Hudson Brown, 5, of Grosse Pointe Farms, is like lots of kids his age: he’s passionate about Legos, T-ball, family and his favorite toy - Bumblebee, a Transformers robot. Un...
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Party Lines

The divide that separates conservative and liberal values may be as wide now as it has ever been in our country. This divide shows itself in areas of everyday life, and health...
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Paralyzed Patient Feels Sensation Again

For the first time, scientists at Caltech have induced natural sensations in the arm of a paralyzed man by stimulating a certain region of the brain with a tiny array of elect...
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New Cardiac Imaging Technique Shortens Testing Time, Improves Patient Comfort

A team of Cedars-Sinai investigators has developed a new technique for conducting cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests that improves patient comfort, shortens testin...
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New Glasgow Coma Scale–Pupils Score And Multifactor Probability Outcome Charts For Use In Patients With TBI

The University of Glasgow’s Sir Graham Teasdale, co-creator of the Glasgow Coma Scale, has teamed with Paul M. Brennan and Gordon D. Murray of the University of Edinburgh to c...
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Fluorescent Dye Could Enable Sharper Biological Imaging

Fluorescence imaging is widely used for visualizing biological tissues such as the back of the eye, where signs of macular degeneration can be detected. It is also commonly us...
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Expanded Rush Program Provides Relief From Pelvic Floor Conditions

Trouble with urine or bowel control, bladder pain, recurring urinary tract infections, constipation and other sexual function issues frequently can be traced to a dysfunctiona...
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“I’m One Of The Lucky Ones” — Treating Head And Neck Cancer

Walker, a retired administrative assistant to the superintendent of Boaz City Schools, was getting ready for her regular doctor visit and noticed a lump on her neck. Her prima...
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Study Finds Brain Differences In Athletes Playing Contact vs. Noncontact Sports

A study from researchers at Indiana University in the journal Neuroimage: Clinical has found differences in the brains of athletes who participate in contact sports compared t...
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Fragile X Imaging Study Reveals Differences In Infant Brains

For the first time, UNC School of Medicine researchers have used MRIs to show that babies with the neurodevelopmental condition fragile X syndrome had less-developed white mat...
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Calcium Testing In Coronary Arteries Better Way To Predict Heart Attacks Than Stress Testing Alone

Researchers at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Salt Lake City have found that incorporating underused, but available, imaging technologies more precisely p...
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Portable Device Detects Severe Stroke In Seconds With 92 Percent Accuracy

A new device worn like a visor can detect emergent large-vessel occlusion in patients with suspected stroke with 92% accuracy, report clinical investigators at the Medical Uni...
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Philips Enhances Point-Of-Care Ultrasound With Reacts Platform For Remote Collaboration And Virtual Training

Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, in partnership with Innovative Imaging Technologies (IIT), today announced an industry-first integrated tele-ultrasound so...
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New Artificial Intelligence Technique Dramatically Improves The Quality Of Medical Imaging

A radiologist's ability to make accurate diagnoses from high-quality diagnostic imaging studies directly impacts patient outcome. However, acquiring sufficient data to generat...
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MRI Stroke Data Set Released By USC Research Team

A USC-led team has now compiled, archived and shared one of the largest open-source data sets of brain scans from stroke patients via a study published in Scientific Data, a N...
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Radiologist Uses Virtual Reality As Powerful Teaching Tool

Physicians, trainees and even laypeople can now stand right beside an expert radiologist as he performs one of the most difficult medical procedures of its kind – in virtual r...
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The Lancet: Low Back Pain Affects 540 Million People Worldwide, But Too Many Patients Receive The Wrong Care

Low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, affecting an estimated 540 million people at any one time. Yet, a new Series of papers in The Lancet highlights th...
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Ultrasound To Enhance Cancer Drug Delivery

For decades, ultrasound has been used to image organs such as the heart and kidneys, check blood flow, monitor the development of fetuses, reduce pain and even break up kidney...
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What Is The Cost Of Interrupting A Radiologist?

A first of its kind study shows typical interruptions experienced by on-call radiologists do not reduce diagnostic accuracy but do change what they look at and increase the am...
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Neuroscience Research Suggests Cognitive Imbalance Can Occur After Heading A Soccer Ball

New behavioral neuroscience research suggests there’s likely a connection between heading the ball in soccer and brain imbalance. Lucas Casten ’18 and Cornell College Profess...
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Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation Announces a New Philanthropic Partnership with HBO

Hackensack Meridian Health Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation is excited to begin the New Year by announcing a philanthropic partnership with Home Box Office (HBO...
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ASTRO Issues Clinical Guideline For Whole Breast Radiation Therapy

The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) today issued a new clinical guideline for the use of whole breast radiation therapy for breast cancer that expands the popu...
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