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Physical Therapists & PT Assistants
Physical Therapists & PT Assistants Physical Therapists & PT Assistants

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Winter Viruses and The Busy Travel Season: Doctors Share Tips To Stay Healthy | NEWS-Line for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants

Winter Viruses & The Busy Travel Season: Doctors Share Tips To Stay Healthy


Fall is upon us, which means colder-weather illnesses are too. Common viruses and close contact when traveling can wreak havoc on your immune system - especially during the holidays when we see peak travel days across the US. Doctors at MedStar Health share advice on how to stay protected when traveling:

>> If you don’t feel well, stay home
Delaying a trip is much better than spreading a virus. You’ll feel much better when traveling once recovered, and those you share transportation with will thank you too.

>> Avoid alcohol when traveling
Alcohol consumption can impair the body’s immune system, as well as impair sleep - which is vital to maintaining the immune system. It also dehydrates the body.

>> Open the vents above your seat on planes
Airlines adopted new airflow technology at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with filters able to circulate clean air every 2-3 minutes. This new technology vastly improves ventilation on airplanes - as long as the vents above your seat are open!

>> Wear a mask when in crowded situations
Viruses spread through respiratory secretions (saliva and mucus) when an infected person coughs, sneezes or touches a surface that another person then touches. The best way to stop the spread of saliva and mucus is by wearing a mask when you are in a close contact environment (public transportation, crowds and airplanes).

>> Stay vigilant with hygiene
Practicing good hygiene, such as washing hands frequently and using hand sanitizer, will slow the spread of viruses. The spread of viruses is drastically slowed when proper hygiene is practiced.

>> Take a multivitamin
Taking a multivitamin year-round, especially during winter months, helps support your body and your immune system. Adding a Vitamin C supplement during the winter helps shorten colds, keeping you healthy both when you travel and at home. Start taking a Vitamin C supplement at least 48 hours before travel and continue during your travels for maximum effect.

>> Stay hydrated
Drink plenty of water before and during traveling. If you bring a refillable water bottle, you can find refilling stations in most airports so you don’t have to buy overpriced bottled water.

>> Wear layers
When going through multiple temperature changes, it is important to be able to help your body regulate your temperature by wearing appropriate clothing. Layering up will help you shed layers if you get warm, and add more if you are in an air conditioned or cold outdoor environment.

>> Stay up to date on vaccinations
For all those eligible, get the COVID-19, flu, and pneumonia vaccines before you travel and gather with family and friends. It can help protect you and your loved ones.

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Source: MedStar Health

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