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Respiratory Care Professionals
Respiratory Care Professionals Respiratory Care Professionals
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New Drug Therapy Could Lead To More Effective Treatment For Millions With Asthma

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School researchers identified a new treatment that could lead to more effective drug therapy for millions of individuals with asthma and other respi...
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Scientists Identify 170 Potential Lung Cancer Drug Targets Using Unique Cellular Library

After testing more than 200,000 chemical compounds, UT Southwestern’s Simmons Cancer Center researchers have identified 170 chemicals that are potential candidates for develop...
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More Than 4 In 10 Americans Live With Unhealthy Air According To 2018 'State Of The Air' Report

he American Lung Association's 2018 "State of the Air" report found ozone pollution worsened significantly due to warmer temperatures, while particle pollution generally conti...
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Why Don’t Kids Use Their Asthma Medicines? Children, Caregivers And Clinicians Disagree On The Answer

In a new analysis of interviews conducted with children who have asthma, their caregivers and their clinicians, Johns Hopkins researchers found that there was significant lack...
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American Lung Association To Offer Assistance With Implementing HUD's Smokefree Housing Rule

In support of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) rule requiring all public housing agencies (PHAs) to implement a smokefree policy by July 31, 2018, an...
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Brief Exposure To Tiny Air Pollution Particles Triggers Childhood Lung Infections

Even the briefest increase in airborne fine particulate matter PM2.5, pollution-causing particles that are about 3% of the diameter of human hair, is associated with the devel...
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What Does Asthma Have To Do With Your Allergies? Probably A Lot

People who have allergies often also have asthma. And people with asthma often have allergies. While the two may not seem related, studies show about two-thirds or more of tho...
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New Blood Test Found To Predict Onset Of TB Up To Two Years In Advance

A new blood test has been found to more accurately predict the development of tuberculosis up to two years before its onset in people living with someone with active TB, accor...
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Three-Quarters Of COPD Cases Are Linked To Childhood Risk Factors That Are Exacerbated In Adulthood

Three-quarters of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) cases have their origins in poor lung function pathways beginning in childhood. These pathways are associated wi...
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X-Linked Genes Help Explain Why Boys Of All Ages Face Higher Respiratory Risk

Human airways already demonstrate gender-based differences in DNA methylation signatures at birth, providing an early hint of which infants may be predisposed to develop respi...
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Practicing Tai Chi Helps Improve Respiratory Function In Patients With COPD

Finding ways to help patients with COPD improve their functional status is an area of interest for pulmonary healthcare providers. Currently, pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is ...
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Study: Double-Drug Strategy Blocks Escape Route For Most Lung Cancers

A one-two combo punch using two currently available drugs could be an effective treatment for the majority of lung cancers, a study by scientists with UT Southwestern’s Simmon...
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Study Explains Resurgence Of Pertussis

A team of researchers including scientists from the University of Georgia has found that the resurgence of pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough, in the U.S. is a p...
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The Honeymoon Is Over: Decades-Long Trends, Not Flawed Vaccine, Explain Resurgent Whooping Cough

Researchers and public health officials have struggled to explain the resurgence of whooping cough in the United States since the late 1970s, and the suspected shortcomings of...
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From Basic To Translational Research: Scientist Uses Microbial Sequencing To Understand And Treat Respiratory Diseases

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 16% of adults in the US have been diagnosed with chronic rhinosinusitis, or CRS—commonly defined as a sinus infection a...
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Study Finds Hospital Quality Report Cards And Readmission Penalties May Not Tell The Whole Story

Over the past several years, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have reported hospital quality measures on the Hospital Compare website, providing the public w...
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Up To 38 Percent Of All Annual Childhood Asthma Cases In Bradford, UK May Be Caused By Air Pollution

New research highlights the impact of traffic-related air pollution on childhood asthma. The study also shows traffic-related air pollution could be specifically responsible ...
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Lung Transplant Drug Enters Human Testing After Decades Of Work

In the culmination of decades of research at the University of Virginia Health System, doctors have begun human testing of a drug they hope will one day save many lives among ...
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Differences In Sex And Running Ability Influence Declines In marathon Performance, Study Finds

A person's sex and running ability play a role in the decline of their performance in marathons as they get older, according to a Georgia State University study. "We found th...
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The Medical Minute: Asthma Differences In Adults And Children

As the winter cold season melts into seasonal spring allergies, many people may start to experience sneezing, wheezing and other breathing difficulties. Sometimes, the troubl...
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With Big Data, Researchers Identify New Targets For Lung Disease Treatments

Every year, approximately 12 million adults in the US are diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and 120,000 die from it. For people with COPD, Haemophil...
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Quintupling Inhaler Medication May Not Prevent Asthma Attacks In Children

Children with mild to moderate asthma do not benefit from a common practice of increasing their inhaled steroids at the first signs of an asthma exacerbation, according to cli...
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Protein Active In Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions Is a Promising Target For Therapy

Prospects for inhibiting the most dangerous symptoms of allergic reactions may be brighter with the publication of a new study that identifies a possible target for drug thera...
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Serious Asthma Attacks Reduced By Temporary Quadrupling Of Steroid Inhaler, Study Finds

Serious asthma attacks in adults can be reduced by a temporary but significant increase in the dose of inhaled steroids during severe episodes of asthma, according to a new UK...
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Patients Living Longer With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Pose New Challenge For Caregivers

Diagnostic and treatment advances are helping patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy—one of nine major types of muscular dystrophy that affects males—live into their 30s an...
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