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‘Ghosted’ Long COVID Patients Validated by America’s Top Physicians in New Book | NEWS-Line for Laboratory Professionals

‘Ghosted’ Long COVID Patients Validated by America’s Top Physicians in New Book


Doctors reveal the truth behind the terrible post-COVID epidemic now striking millions of parents and children

Award-winning medical journalist Michael Bowker interviews physicians and experts from the NIH, Mount Sinai, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Stanford University, and medical centers in Europe, Africa and elsewhere, who share the shocking truth behind the Long Haulers Syndrome epidemic. Striking mostly people under 65 years old, it is disabling millions of parents and children in America and more than one hundred million people worldwide.

These patients were often 'ghosted' by their personal physicians who misdiagnosed their symptoms by labeling them psychosomatic. Many patients have suffered doubt and even suicidal depression as a result.

For the first time in these interviews, patients are assured by top medical experts that their lingering and often wildly divergent and devastating symptoms are biologically based and not psychosomatic.

Bowker calls for Congress to “do the right thing” and increase funding for development of treatments and cures. These symptoms often disable people of working age, sometimes permanently. Therefore, not finding treatments and cures – none exist today – will cost billions in disability payments and loss of production.

“Because of the immense human suffering and economics involved, Congress should make this a top priority,” said Bowker. "A cure would also benefit potentially billions of people who will undoubtedly suffer from viruses in the future."

The book also debunks the myth that COVID-19 is a “two-week flu.” The author’s worldwide research indicates that millions of Americans and more than one hundred million people are suffering from dozens of post-COVID symptoms that have lasted for more than a year – with no end in sight. Even as COVID-19 appears to be waning, the number of patients suffering from Long Haulers, also called Long Covid and officially named Post-Acute Sequalae COVID (PASC) by the NIH, is still steeply on the rise.

The book includes interviews with patients – ranging from a now disabled Navy Seal to a 23-year-old woman who was in perfect health before coming down with multiple symptoms including serious heart issues – along with a worldwide look at the spread of the disease.

Also included in the book is a look at the dozens of incredibly divergent symptoms – which include vast inflammation throughout the body which confused many personal care doctors – leading them to mistakenly believe they were “in the patient’s head.”

Here are some quotes from the physicians interviewed:

“The biggest problem researchers face in unlocking the mysteries of PASC is while patients have a lot of complaints, physicians haven’t been able to understand them…While we still have no answers, we are learning more and without a doubt – there is hope.” -- Dr. Avindra Nath, NIH Clinical Director of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

"We know PASC patients aren’t making up their symptoms. We know they are real and we are now focused on treatments and figuring out what causes them, then we will learn how to cure them." -- Dr. David Putrino, the primary architect of the PASC clinic at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY.

“PASC is not going away until we find a cure. Until then, care providers and employers will see the number of cases in their communities continue to rise.” -- Dr. Greg Vanichkachorn, MD, Occupational and Aerospace Medicine Mayo Clinic.

“When the COVID epidemic struck, many physicians shuttered their doors, so patients were often left by themselves. For many, these symptoms didn’t go away in two weeks and still haven’t, even after a year of suffering. We want them to know the medical community is now fully here to support them.” -- Dr. Laurie G. Jacobs, MD, Professor and Chair, Department of Internal Medicine Hackensack University Medical Center, New Jersey.

“The need for care is growing exponentially. Even with the vaccines, it is clear PASC will be with us for a long time.” – Dr. Janna Friedly, MD and Rehabilitation Physician, University of Washington, and a former COVID-19 patient.

The author was motivated to write the book when his family member and close friend were overcome with bizarre symptoms. The book is titled, Beating Long Haulers Syndrome: World's top physicians explain brain fog, fatigue and other symptoms of PASC (Long Covid) and why patients should have hope. For more information, visit: sixtydegreespublishing.com

About Sixty Degrees Publishing
Established in 2003, Sixty Degrees Publishing is a book publishing company based in Santa Barbara, California. Other titles include Gods of Our Time, Finding Father, Winning the Battle Within, Fatal Deception, Rendezvous and numerous other inspirational and transformative works. For more information, visit: sixtydegreespublishing.com

Source: Sixty Degrees Publishing

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