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Stäubli and ARxIUM Pharmaceutical Automation Collaboration | NEWS-Line for Pharmacists

Stäubli and ARxIUM Pharmaceutical Automation Collaboration


ARxIUM is a leading developer of pharmacy automation, inventory, workflow and consulting solutions. A global company with installations in North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, ARxIUM is known for its unique Pharmacy 4.0 approach, which is designed to improve the quality, flexibility, speed and productivity of the pharmacy production process.

ARxIUM takes great pride in its disciplined process of assessing a potential client’s business objectives and designing a solution that fits its specific needs and goal. The company applies this approach to help customers in every facet of the pharmacy market – including hospitals/health systems, government, long-term care and retail – to optimize operations and business through automated compounding, packaging and dispensing, production and workflow design, inventory control and storage and much more.

Recognized for quality, integrity and knowledge, ARxIUM’s end user products are pharmacy automation solutions in the form of software and/or hardware intended to enhance patient safety, improve overall efficiency, and reduce costs associated with pharmacy operations.

One of ARXiUM’s best known products is RIVA™, a fully automated IV compounding system that is used by hospital pharmacies to automatically and accurately prepare IV syringes and bags. By automating the preparation of IV syringes and bags, RIVA addresses the issues of safety for the patient and the pharmacy technician, creating a more efficient and effective pharmacy to address the challenges of a changing regulatory environment.


The challenge for ARxiUM was to find an automated solution that was capable of adhering to the strict levels of sterile cleanliness required for IV compounding.


For ARxiUM products, and RIVA in particular, cleanliness is of the utmost importance as the robot must operate in an ISO class 5 or better environment. The automation of repetitive and complex tasks reduces the incidence of errors and contamination. Reliability and access to service in a timely manner to avoid or minimize downtime are also extremely important factors to providing a reliable and efficient solution.

Stäubli’s TX-60L UL robot provides the central means of moving products from station to station through the RIVA compounding cell as each medication product is processed. The speed at which the robot can move items through the cell contributes to RIVAs impressive throughput, and end users have the flexibility to run only single daily shifts while some run RIVA 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To date, ARxIUM has installed more than 50 of the TX-60L UL robots and controllers exclusively for RIVA compounding cells, and more than 8 million doses have been filled with RIVA machines with some accounts having multiple RIVAs in their facility.

The cleanliness, reliability and repeatability of Stäubli robots has allowed to enhance patient care as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of pharmacy operations by improving the safety and accuracy of IV admixture compounding.

Source: Stäubli

Photo: Stäubli

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