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PSYONIC Announces Launch of Revolutionary New Bionic Hand: Ability Hand™ | NEWS-Line for Nurses

PSYONIC Announces Launch of Revolutionary New Bionic Hand: Ability Hand™


PSYONIC, the world’s leading advanced prosthetic device company, released their revolutionary new Ability Hand™ to potential users and clinicians nationwide. Fast, tough, and intuitive, the Ability Hand is the first and only bionic hand with multi-touch sensory feedback on the market.

“Meeting an amputee in my parents’ native Pakistan when I was 7 years old shaped the course of my life”, says PSYONIC CEO and Founder, Dr. Aadeel Akhtar. “It struck me that the quality of life that someone with limb differences lives is largely dependent on the resources available to them. For that reason, my mission is to develop advanced prostheses that are affordable and available to everyone worldwide. I am proud that the Ability Hand will be the most accessible and advanced bionic hand on the market.”

During the development stage, Akhtar and the PSYONIC team worked with hundreds of people with limb differences to determine the needs and wishes of the end user. With about 100,000 people in the U.S., and 10 million people globally who are missing a hand, the Ability Hand is poised to change the lives of many users worldwide.

The Ability Hand system includes a multi-articulated prosthesis that is robust, lightweight and offers touch feedback, as well as being the fastest operating hand on the market with a 200ms closing speed.

About the Ability Hand:

Lightweight. The Ability Hand weighs in at 470 grams – about 20 percent less than the average human hand. And it comes in two sizes, so it fits a much broader range of people than the typical prosthetic.

Multi-articulated. All five fingers flex and extend, and the thumb rotates.

Easy to charge. The Ability Hand charges using USB-C in about an hour. A charge lasts all day. You can even charge your phone from your arm!

Cross-compatible. The Ability Hand works with most third-party EMG pattern recognition systems, EMG direct control systems, linear transducers, and force-sensitive resistors.

Tough. The Ability Hand is lightweight, water-resistant, and each finger can handle blunt force impact without breaking.

Bluetooth compatible. You can connect your hand to our iOS and Android mobile apps, so your prosthetist can fine tune your Ability Hand and you can make constant improvements to its grips and functionality.

Over-the-air updates. We’ll continually update the Ability Hand’s software, and you’ll be able to download those over-the-air from our app.

The Ability Hand works with most third-party myoelectric pattern recognition systems, myoelectric direct control, linear transducers, or force sensitive resistors. Prosthetists work with their patients to determine which system is best to integrate with the Ability Hand. Each hand is equipped with patent-pending high-performance motor control, compliant finger joint technology, a 7.4V 2200mAh battery pack, bluetooth connectivity, and sensory touch feedback. The hand is compatible with most commercially available third-party wrist rotators and elbows.

The Ability Hand is covered by Medicare and most insurance companies. Currently, about 10% of people with an upper-limb difference in the U.S. can afford a bionic hand. PSYONIC predicts that number will increase to 75% with the release of their bionic hand.

Clinicians can purchase the Ability Hand by contacting [email protected] For more information, visit https://www.psyonic.io

PSYONIC is an advanced prosthetic company developing affordable and accessible devices. The Ability Hand is the first product for the company. Founded out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and grown in partnership with some of the best incubators and accelerators industry, PSYONIC is focused on bringing better prostheses to the market. The team at PSYONIC believes that everyone should have access to the best available prosthetic devices. For more information about PSYONIC visit www.psyonic.co or connect with PSYONIC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

To request information about the Ability Hand please contact [email protected] or call 1-888-PSYONIC.

Source & Photo: PSYONIC

Pictured: The Ability Hand™

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