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New Nurses Work Overtime, Long Shifts, And Sometimes A Second Job

New nurses are predominantly working 12-hour shifts and nearly half work overtime, trends that have remained relatively stable over the past decade, finds a new study by resea...
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Adolescent Female Blood Donors At Risk For Iron Deficiency And Associated Anemia

Female adolescent blood donors are more likely to have low iron stores and iron deficiency anemia than adult female blood donors and nondonors, which could have significant ne...
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Does A Severe Infection Put You At Greater Risk Of Heart Disease And Death?

Physician-scientists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham have recently assessed the incidence, or new onset, of cardiovascular disease and in-hospital deaths in patie...
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Navigating Life 'Outside The Gate'

With 1.3 million active duty military personnel nationwide, coordinating and finding accessible healthcare and social services for their 1.7 million family members is a major ...
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Rutgers Promotes Safe Patient Handling Practices To Reduce Health Care Worker Injuries

Nurses, nurse aids, orderlies, emergency medical technicians and physical and occupational therapists have some of the highest numbers of nonfatal occupational injuries. Chron...
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Common Acid Reflux Medications Linked To Increased Kidney Disease Risk

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), which include well-known brand names Prilosec, Nexium and Prevacid, are among the most commonly prescribed medications in the world. Approximate...
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Study Offers Insight Into State Of Nurses’ Work Environments

The health of environments in which nurses care for acutely and critically ill patients has improved over the last few years, but areas of concern and opportunities for improv...
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Parkinson's Foundation Hosts Professional Education Training in Iowa City

The Parkinson's Foundation announced the location of its signature professional education program course, Allied Team Training for Parkinson's, ATTP®, for health care professi...
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Hypnosis Through Virtual Reality AIDS In Medical Recovery

Anesthesiologists at UT Southwestern Medical Center are helping to explore the use of hypnosis through virtual reality to lessen postoperative pain and anxiety in children. T...
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New Tool For Documenting Injuries May Provide Better Evidence For Elder Abuse Cases

An estimated 10 percent of older adults experience some form of abuse each year. However, the link between injuries and possible elder abuse may take months or years to establ...
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Does Herpes Cause Alzheimer's?

What causes Alzheimer's disease? The answer could be right under our noses, says leading expert Professor Ruth Itzhaki. Her latest paper presents a lifetime of research eviden...
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The Medical Minute: Helping Caregivers Address Mental Health Concerns

Caregiver jobs often come loaded with pressures. In fact, caregivers face a higher risk of developing a mental health disorder because of the stress that can accompany taking ...
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URI Nursing Study Shows Benefits Of Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping On Brain Development In Healthy Babies

A five-minute delay in the clamping of healthy infants’ umbilical cords results in increased iron stores and brain myelin in areas important for early-life functional developm...
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Sensitive Sensor Detects Down Syndrome DNA

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Down syndrome is the most common birth defect, occurring once in every 700 births. However, traditional non-invasi...
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Fractures, Head Injuries Common In E-Scooter Collisions, According To UCLA Research

UCLA researchers have found that people involved in electric scooter accidents are sometimes injured badly enough — from fractures, dislocated joints and head injuries — to re...
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New Mexico Proposed Legislation Jeopardizes Safety Of Patients Bill Would Replace Physicians With Nurses For Anesthesia Care

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and the New Mexico Society of Anesthesiologists (NMSA) strongly oppose SB 222, which will remove physician involvement from ane...
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Gallbladder Removal Operation During Pregnancy Associated With Adverse Maternal Outcomes

Pregnant women produce extra progesterone, which puts them at greater risk for gallstones. When the stones become problematic, causing painful attacks, a surgeon may recommend...
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German Researchers Discover How Sleep Can Fight An Infection

Researchers in Germany have discovered why sleep can sometimes be the best medicine. Sleep improves the potential ability of some of the body’s immune cells to attach to their...
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Boy Scout Motto – Be Prepared – Works For Parents Of Campers With Allergies And Asthma

The idea of summer camp looms large for many kids who wonder: Will I make any friends? What if I get lost in the woods? And for campers with allergies and asthma, “What if I h...
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Tracking HIV’s Ever-Evolving Genome In Effort To Prioritize Public Health Resources

Every county in the United States tracks HIV cases, sequencing the virus’ genome to see if it is resistant to current medications and looking for trends. More recently, local ...
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Measles Outbreak: Many States Are Inadequately Vaccinated According To Expert

As several reports emerge highlighting measles outbreaks across the country, Virginia Tech infectious disease expert points out that inadequate vaccine coverage in states like...
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Neurologists Speak Out About Gender Disparity At Global Stroke Gathering

The International Stroke Conference (ISC) attracts thousands of neurologists each year to network with fellow experts and watch compelling presentations on the very latest adv...
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New Sensor To Monitor Blood Sugar Through A Breath

It’s a breath of fresh air for people with diabetics. A simple puff into a handheld device may one day be all it takes to monitor their blood sugar using a new technology bei...
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New Pill Can Deliver Insulin Through The Stomach

An MIT-led research team has developed a drug capsule that could be used to deliver oral doses of insulin, potentially replacing the injections that people with type 2 diabete...
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Patient Navigator Certificate Broadens Career Roles For RNs

The Shenandoah University Eleanor Wade Custer School of Nursing is offering a Patient Navigator Certificate (PNC) for licensed registered nurses (RNs) seeking to pursue Contin...
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Naugatuck Valley Community College
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Tree of Life Services
Richmond, Virginia

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Tree of Life Services
Richmond, Virginia

Manager, Care Coordination and Manager, Care Coordination - Willowbrook

Partners Health Plan, Inc.
New York

RN for OR Circulating Nurse – ASC Setting

Campus Eye Group & Laser Center
Hamilton, New Jersey

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