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Physical Therapists & PT Assistants
Physical Therapists & PT Assistants Physical Therapists & PT Assistants
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Latest Physical Therapist News

Robot Walker For Elderly People In Public Spaces

Elderly people with walking difficulties are often intimidated by busy public places. This led an EU research project to develop a robot walker to guide them around shopping c...
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New Research ‘Challenges The Assumption That Arthritis Patients Take Their Medication Regularly’

New UK research has challenged the assumption that people with rheumatoid arthritis always take their medication as prescribed. Researchers from the Arthritis Research UK Cen...
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UAB Study Shows That Injury Rates From Wearing High-Heeled Shoes Have Doubled

Americans love high-heeled shoes. One survey in 2003 reported that 62 percent of American women wore shoes with a 2-inch or greater heel on a regular basis. Those shoes are ta...
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Oral Steroids For Herniated Disk Do Not Improve Pain

Among patients with acute radiculopathy (sciatica) due to a herniated lumbar disk, a short course of oral steroids, compared with placebo, resulted in modest improvement in fu...
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Rehabilitation Sleeve: An Functional Electrical Stimulation-Robot Hybrid System

A wearable FES-robot hybrid training system has been designed for multi-joint upper limb rehabilitation. With successful combination of the two technologies' advantages, recov...
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Device May Allow Sensations In Prosthetic Hands

To the nearly 2 million people in the US living with the loss of a limb, including US military veterans, prosthetic devices provide restored mobility yet lack sensory feedback...
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Blog Wearable TENS Device Combats Pain While On The Go

The American Academy of Pain Medicine cites a report on their website that indicates more than 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain. That’s BILLION! It’s an unbelievabl...
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The American Nurses Association Urges Congress To Prevent Nurse Injuries

he American Nurses Association (ANA), Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), and health care safety experts urged health care employers to implement common-sense, comprehensive programs to...
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FSU Research Team First To Study Effects Of Ultraman Competitions

Extreme endurance athletes train long and hard to compete in some of the world’s most grueling competitions. But what is all of that work really doing to your body? A team o...
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Teamwork With UT Southwestern’s Rogers Stroke Center Helps Vietnam Memorial Caretaker Avoid Lasting Effects From Stroke

An alert friend, a 24/7 phone consultation service tapping UT Southwestern Medical Center stroke experts, and an innovative procedure to restore blood flow to her brain helped...
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Friend Or Foe? Study Examines Seniors' Increasing Use Of Walking Aids

America’s population of senior citizens is growing, and with it, a reliance on canes, wheelchairs and scooters. The use of walking aids has increased by 50% in the past decade...
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'Top 100' Papers In Lumbar Spine Surgery Reflect Trends In Low Back Pain Treatment

What are the most influential studies on surgery of the lower (lumbar) spine? The "top 100" research papers in lumbar spine are counted down in a special review in the issue o...
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Pressure-Monitoring Stockings To Prevent Wounds In Diabetics

Diabetics often have little feeling in their feet and don't perceive the body's pressure or temperature signals there. This can result in unnoticed wounds that then develop in...
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Post-Stroke Arm Function Restoring Implant In Testing

UT Southwestern Medical Center will be one of three national sites to pioneer US testing for an implant device that stimulates the vagus nerve in stroke patients to see whethe...
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Researchers Find Clues That May Predict Recovery Outcomes Following Total Hip Replacement

Surgery to replace the arthritic hip and knee joints is on the rise in the US, with more than 1.1 million replacement surgeries reported in 2009. While these surgeries improve...
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‘Performance Enhancing’ Drugs Decrease Performance

Doping is damaging the image of sport without benefitting athletes’ results, according to University of Adelaide research. Researchers from the University’s School of Medical...
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Do Three-Month Spine Surgery Outcomes Predict Results At Twelve Months?

Matthew Joseph McGirt, MD, FAANS, presented his research, Patient Reported Outcomes 3-Months after Spine Surgery: Is it an Accurate Predictor of 12-Month, during the 2015 Amer...
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Study: Many Young ACL Surgery Patients Need Second Surgery Later On

Orthopedic surgeons are seeing an epidemic of anterior cruciate ligament injuries among young athletes, and a large number of patients who have surgery to reconstruct a torn A...
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Helping Stroke Patients Regain Their Independence

Strokes are the second leading cause of death worldwide; they kill more than one million people in Europe each year accounting for 14% of all deaths. About a third of the 8 mi...
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Walking An Extra Two Minutes Each Hour May Offset Hazards Of Sitting Too Long

A new study suggests that engaging in low intensity activities such as standing may not be enough to offset the health hazards of sitting for long periods of time. On the brig...
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Don't Let Muscle Pains, Strains Affect Your Summer Travel, Say Chiropractic Physicians

Traveling can be rough on the body. Whether driving a few hours to a sunny resort with your family or flying cross-country for a week-long holiday excursion, long hours in a c...
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Bioactive Gel To Treat Knee Injuries Being Developed

Knee injuries are the bane of athletes everywhere, from professionals and college stars to weekend warriors. Current surgical options for repairing damaged cartilage caused by...
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Common Back Problems May Be Caused By Evolution Of Human Locomotion

A common spinal disease could be the result of some people's vertebrae, the bones that make up the spine, sharing similarities in shape to a non-human primate. The research, p...
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The Medical Minute: How To Know Whether Ice Or Heat Will Ease The Pain

To ice or not to ice -- that is the question. Or maybe the real issue is to heat or not to heat? Either way, whether you’re dealing with a one-time injury or chronic aches a...
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Backache – A Matter Of Mechanics

Some say that back pain is the price we pay for walking upright. Others claim that the problem of back pain only really started when humankind sat down to reflect and contempl...
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