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Physical Therapists & PT Assistants
Physical Therapists & PT Assistants Physical Therapists & PT Assistants
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March 12, 2016 - 12, 2016

Anat Baniel Method International Practitioner Training Program

Anat Baniel Method International

March 12, 2016 - 16, 2016

Surgery and Rehabilitation of the Hand - 20/20: A Vision for Quality in Hand Care

Hand Rehabilitation Foundation

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Latest Physical Therapist News

Paralyzed Men Move Legs With New Non-Invasive Spinal Cord Stimulation

Five men with complete motor paralysis were able to voluntarily generate step-like movements thanks to a new strategy that non-invasively delivers electrical stimulation to th...
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World’s First Bilateral Hand Transplant On A Child Performed At The Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia

Surgeons at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) joined with colleagues from Penn Medicine recently to complete the world’s first bilateral hand transplant on a chil...
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A Young Girl Suffers A Stroke, But Recovers To Dance Again

At first, 13-year-old Christina Blumstein thought she had an ordinary headache. She and her parents were returning from a visit to Long Island in July 2014 when the pain stru...
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Entrepreneur Seeks Support To Launch CareSpotlight.com For Aging, Disabled, Ill, And Injured

After discovering it was much easier to find consumer reviews for restaurants and hotels than care and services for her terminally ill father, aging mother and disabled brothe...
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Building Confidence Helps People With MS Have Fuller Lives, Reports Researcher

The physical symptoms of weakness and fatigue from multiple sclerosis (MS) can rock a person's confidence and ability to engage in what he or she feels is important, from bein...
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Fort Worth Team To Focus On Improving Health Care For Older Residents

UNT Health Science Center will team up with JPS Health Network, Texas Christian University and the United Way’s Area Agency on Aging of Tarrant County to transform geriatric c...
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Former Professional Rugby Players Have Greater Cervical Spine Degeneration Than The General Population

French researchers used clinical examinations and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies to determine whether retired professional rugby players experience more serious symp...
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New Limb-Lengthening Technique Is Less Cumbersome For Patients, Study Finds

A highly specialized procedure that lengthens bones can prevent the need for amputations in selected patients who have suffered severe fractures. And now a new study has found...
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Coaches Can Be A Strong Influence In Preventing Football Injuries, Say Researchers

Teaching coaches about injury prevention and contact restrictions pays off, say researchers who recently published their work in the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine. Th...
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Outcomes Comparable For In-Person, In-Home Telerehabilitation Following Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Patients who received rehabilitation instructions via video teleconference, or "telerehabilitation," following total knee replacement (TKR) surgery had comparable outcomes to ...
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Exercise May Reverse Age-Related Bone Loss In Middle-Aged Men

Men gradually lose bone mass as they age, which puts them at risk for developing osteoporosis, a condition that makes bones weak and prone to breakage. Nearly 2 million men in...
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Tommy John Surgeries Increasing For Youth Athletes

Surgeries related to overuse elbow injuries, i.e. Tommy John Surgery, are more common among youth athletes than previously believed, according to research presented at the Ame...
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Staff At Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak Rally Around Woman’s Goal To Walk Again

When the paramedics arrived at her apartment in Chesterfield Township, Britney Dixon was unresponsive. From the moment she entered the ambulance bay doors at Beaumont Hospita...
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New Study Shows Ankle Sleeves And Lace-Up Braces Can Benefit Athlete Performance

An athlete’s use of silicone ankle sleeves (SAS) and lace-up ankle braces (LAB) during sports participation can improve neuromuscular control, according to research presented ...
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Medicare Studies Exercise Regimen For Osteoarthritis

Fit & Strong!, an exercise program tailored to break the cycle of weakening and pain in older adults with osteoarthritis and developed at the University of Illinois at Chicago...
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Preemies At High Risk Of Autism Don’t Show Typical Signs Of Disorder In Early Infancy

Premature babies are at an increased risk for developing autism spectrum disorder. But a small study indicates that preemies who avoid eye contact in early infancy are less li...
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Electrical Nerve Stimulation Can Reverse Spinal Cord Injury Nerve Damage In Patients

Approximately 12,000 spinal cord injuries (SCI) happen every year in the US, the majority caused by car accidents, falls, sporting accidents and gunshot wounds. Better emerg...
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How To Grow Back The Back: Engineered Cartilage Surfaces

You’re going to shrink today. You did yesterday, and you will again tomorrow. By bedtime every night, you’re likely to be about an inch shorter than when you got up. But assu...
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Running With Bionic Lower-Limbs: Advantage Or Disadvantage?

Researchers at Bournemouth University have been looking at the impact of lower-limb prosthetics on competitive running, specifically looking at whether athletes with prosthesi...
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Athletes Should Drink Only When Thirsty, According To New Guidelines

At least 14 deaths of marathon runners, football players and other athletes have been attributed to a condition called exercise-associated hyponatremia, which results from dri...
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These 'Skins' Are In: Students' Designs Give Prosthetics A New Look

A project by Kansas State University interior architecture & product design students is giving individuals with prosthetic limbs a chance to add some personality to their pros...
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New Pilot Study: Tart Cherry Juice Reduced Post-Race Respiratory Tract Symptoms After A Marathon

While previous research suggests tart cherry juice may help aid muscle recovery after extensive exercise, a new pilot study published in the Journal of the International Socie...
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Girls At Higher Risk For Overuse Injuries In High School Sports

A new study performed by researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center shows that when it comes to overuse injuries in high school sports, girls are at a much...
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Formerly Conjoined Twin Adeline Faith Mata Discharged From Texas Children's Hospital

Formerly conjoined twin Adeline Faith Mata was discharged from Texas Children's Hospital where she and her sister, Knatalye Hope, underwent a successful separation surgery on ...
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Severely Impaired Stroke Survivors Regain Arm Function After Intensive Physical Therapy

Time may heal all wounds, but in the case of stroke survivors, the key to better recovery is to spend more time in an intensive physical therapy program, according to a Univer...
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