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Physical Therapists & PT Assistants
Physical Therapists & PT Assistants Physical Therapists & PT Assistants
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Latest Physical Therapist News

Amphetamine May Slow Rise Of Body Temperature And Mask Fatigue To Enhance Endurance, Study Finds

Amphetamine may slow down the rise of temperature in the body and mask fatigue, which could allow athletes to run significantly longer but result in potentially dangerous over...
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Your current Issue of NEWS-Line for HealthCare Providers is now available!

The mid-month News issue of NEWS-Line for HealthCare Providers magazine is now online www.news-line.com/NLemag ...
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Active Population, Improved Technology Driving Increase In Hip And Knee Replacement Surgeries

An active aging population is a good thing for society. It also keeps John Shields, MD, very busy. Shields, an orthopedic surgeon at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Win...
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Vestibular Function Declines Starting At Age 40

A new study led by researchers at Massachusetts Eye and Ear found that vestibular thresholds begin to double every 10 years above the age of 40, representing a decline in our ...
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'Minimal' Shoes May Reduce Running Injuries

Runners who wear running shoes with no cushioning and land on the ball of their foot rather than the heel put significantly less demand on their bodies, new research suggests....
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NYIT Program Combines Physical Workouts With Social Interactions To Assist In Treating Parkinson’s Disease

Dozens of patients with Parkinson’s Disease are wrapping their hands, slipping on gloves, and boxing each week at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) as part of a new prog...
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Getting Stroke Treatments To People Earlier To Prevent Debilitating Outcomes

Following the onset of a stroke, restoring blood flow to the brain as quickly as possible is critical for preventing disability and improving the chances of recovery. This cru...
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Walking Uses More Than Just Feet

We humans walk with our feet. This is true, but not entirely. Walking, as part of locomotion, is a coordinated whole-body movement that involves both the arms and legs. Resear...
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Hartford HealthCare Unveils The Future Of Orthopedic Care

Hartford HealthCare unveiled its all-new $150-million Bone & Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital, culminating years of planning and construction. The facility is New England'...
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New Insights Into Cause Of Phantom Limb Pain May Have Therapeutic Benefits

Phantom limb pain is the pain experienced following loss of a limb, either from injury or amputation. This sensation of pain was previously thought to be caused by abnormal pl...
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Athletic Trainers, Physicians Sound The Alarm On Rising Achilles Injuries

Drs. Simon Lee and Johnny Lin of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR), along with the Illinois Athletic Trainers Association, are concerned about the rise in Achilles tears and ...
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New Study Finds Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Helps Reduce Risk Of Death In Depressed Heart Patients

Depression has been known to be associated with poor cardiovascular outcomes, but if patients who are depressed attend cardiac rehabilitation after heart surgery, their risk o...
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Study To Explore Detection Of Learning Disabilities Through Physical Movement

An Indiana University physicist and neuroscientist who studies how physical movement can be used to detect autism in children and adults has received support from the National...
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Leg Movement Restored In Primates Using Wireless Neural Interface

An international team of scientists has used a wireless "brain-spinal interface" to bypass spinal cord injuries in a pair of rhesus macaques, restoring intentional walking mov...
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Gary And Mary West Foundation Celebrates Decade Of Grantmaking To Improve The Lives Of Vulnerable Seniors

Today, the Gary and Mary West Foundation celebrates its 10-year anniversary, marking a decade of pioneering philanthropists Gary and Mary West's ongoing efforts to help vulner...
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Stetson And Adventist University Unite To Create New Career Pathways

Stetson University and Adventist University of Health Sciences (ADU) signed a milestone agreement on Thursday, November 3rd to collaborate in the creation of new opportunities...
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DePuy Synthes Companies Launches Hit Play Campaign To Encourage Those Living With Hip And Knee Pain To Get Back To Doing What They Love

DePuy Synthes Companies today announced the launch of Hit Play, an educational initiative that encourages those dealing with hip or knee pain to stop settling for a life on ‘p...
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Shield Healthcare Hires Spinal Cord Injury Survivor Aaron Baker As Lifestyle Specialist And Mobility Advocate

Shield HealthCare, a leading provider of medical supplies for care at home since 1957, welcomes the addition of Aaron Baker to their team of lifestyle specialists. Aaron has...
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Urinary Incontinence Is Common Also In Women Who Have Not Given Birth

Women who have not given birth often end up under the radar for research on urinary incontinence. In a study of this group, however, one in five women over 45 years say they e...
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Collapse Of Mitochondria-Associated Membrane In ALS

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is an adult onset, fetal neurodegenerative disease that selectively affects motor neurons. To date, more than 20 genes are identified as a ...
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Alzheimer’s Disease Family Caregivers Will Get Telemedicine Training

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia from traumatic brain injury may resist care efforts from family members, such as taking a bath, taking medicine, routine mouth ca...
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Hip Fracture Patients Fare Best During Recovery In High-Occupancy Nursing Homes With Higher Level Physician Staffing

Hip fractures are a common and disabling condition that occurs more than 300,000 times each year in the United States in those 65 and older—1.6 million times worldwide. A new ...
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Scientists Find Key Protein For Spinal Cord Repair

A freshwater zebrafish costs less than two bucks at the pet store, but it can do something priceless: Its spinal cord can heal completely after being severed, a paralyzing and...
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New Study Confirms Link Between Early Menopause And Higher Risk Of Fracture

If you're in menopause before the age of 40, you have a higher fracture risk. That fact has already been proven by the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) clinical trials. Now a...
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Towards Better Hip Replacements

Some potentially good news for aging Baby Boomers: researchers believe that they have developed a hip replacement that will last longer and create fewer problems for the peopl...
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