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Physical Therapist Conferences, Events, and Education

Physical Therapist Conferences &
Educational Opportunities

2014 Hands, Shoulders, Knees & Elbows - The Everything's Bigger in Texas Conference

2014 Fall Conference
08/22/2014 - 08/23/2014
Alabama Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association

38th Annual UC Davis Fingers to the Toes: A Comprehensive Review of Primary Care Orthopaedics
09/19/2014 - 09/24/2014
UC Davis Health System, Office of CME, and Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Healthcare Ergonomics
09/27/2014 - 09/27/2014
The Back School

Healthcare Ergonomics
10/18/2014 - 10/18/2014
The Back School

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Life Expectancy Gains Threatened As More Older Americans Suffer From Multiple Medical Conditions
With nearly four in five older Americans living with multiple chronic medical conditions, a new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health finds t...
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New Nutrition Supplement Geared Towards Healing Post Injury/Surgery Quickly Gains Recognition Amongst Leading Medical Professionals & Patients
Nutrition For Healing® LLC today announces that MEND™, a nutrient dense speciality medical dietary supplement designed to aid healing from musculoskeletal injuries and surgeri...
Full Article
New Knee Implant Saves The Ligaments
A new total knee replacement that saves all of the ligaments can make a person’s knee feel and move just like the original. During a traditional total knee replacement, the s...
Full Article
55 Percent Third-Degree Burns; 0 Handicap For Loyola Burn Patient
Once told he would never golf again, burn victim Jamie Nieto, now head pro at Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, is leading the ninth annual Burn Awareness Golf Outing and si...
Full Article
How To Choose A Physical Therapist
After an injury or surgery, rehabilitation is often a critical factor on the road to recovery. Since physical therapy is usually a weekly commitment and may be for an extended...
Full Article
Robotic And Computer-Assisted Devices Struggling To Win Over Orthopedic Surgeons
While marketing drivers will continue to enhance the existing growth trend in the global computer-assisted devices space, computer-assisted and robotic surgery is expected to ...
Full Article
Stem Cells Aid Muscle Repair, Strengthening After Resistance Exercise
A new study in mice reveals that mesenchymal (mezz-EN-chem-uhl) stem cells (MSCs) help rejuvenate skeletal muscle after resistance exercise. By injecting MSCs into mouse leg ...
Full Article
Physical Therapist Is A True American Ninja Warrior
Watching Todd Bourgeois, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC, FAAOMPT, artfully navigate the ramps, ropes, waving pods, and sliding curtain obstacles in his qualifying round on NBC TV's "Americ...
Full Article
Tech Team Pairs Humanoid With Angry Birds To Help Kids With Rehabilitation
With the help of a smart tablet and Angry Birds, children can now do something typically reserved for engineers and computer scientists: program a robot to learn new skills. T...
Full Article
Telecare Intervention Improves Chronic Pain
A telephone-delivered intervention, which included automated symptom monitoring, produced clinically meaningful improvements in chronic musculoskeletal pain compared to usual ...
Full Article
ACL Reconstructions May Last Longer With Autografts
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstructions occur more than 200,000 times a year, but the type of material used to create a new ligament may determine how long you stay i...
Full Article
George Washington University To Host Conference On Preparing The Next Generation Of Physical Therapists For Innovative Practice
The George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences’ Physical Therapy Program is pleased to host, in conjunction with Woods Duncan Consulting, “Prepar...
Full Article
Stabilizing Shoulder Surgery Helps NFL Players Return To The Game
Shoulder instability is a common injury in football players but the rate of return to play has not been regularly determined following surgery. A new study, discussed at the A...
Full Article
Young Athletes Should Consider The Benefits Of ACL Surgery
Young patients who wait for ACL surgery may be at increased risk for secondary knee injuries, according to research presented today at the American Orthopaedic Society for Spo...
Full Article
Entering MLB Early May Increase Elbow Surgery Risk
The common elbow surgery made famous by Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher, Tommy John, definitely does its job to return pitchers to the mound, but risks for having the surg...
Full Article
New Research Identifies Risk Factors For Little League Shoulder
As cases of Little League Shoulder (LLS) occur more frequently, the need for additional information about the causes and outcomes of the condition has become clear. Researcher...
Full Article
Healthcare Worker Hand Hygiene Rates Increase Three-Fold When Auditors Visible
Hand hygiene rates were found to be three times higher when auditors were visible to healthcare workers than when there were no auditors present, according to a study in a maj...
Full Article
Millions Of Informal Caregivers At Risk For Chronic Pain, Injury Trying To Help Disabled Family Members
More than ten times a day, 67 year-old Margie* helps her husband get up to use the bathroom, eat a meal or get in and out of bed, and struggles to push his wheelchair up the r...
Full Article
Iraq Veterans With Muscle, Bone Injuries And Mental Health Conditions More Likely To End Service
Sixty percent of US Army soldiers who were unable to return to a military career after an Iraq deployment couldn’t do so because of a muscle, bone or joint injury and nearly h...
Full Article
Lou Gehrig’s Sad Farewell and the Disease That Bears His Name
On the Fourth of July 75 years ago, in 1939, legendary first baseman Lou Gehrig – afflicted with a nerve disorder called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS – stepped to the...
Full Article
Ankle Replacement Becomes More Common To Relieve Severe Arthritis Pain
Arthritis can cause terrible pain, making activities of daily living difficult, if not impossible. While most people are familiar with knee and hip replacement surgery for deb...
Full Article
ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton System Approved By FDA For Home Use
Exoskeleton leader ReWalk Robotics announced today that the US Food and Drug Administration has cleared the company's ReWalk Personal System for use at home and in the communi...
Full Article
3-D Printed Wrist Splints For Arthritis Sufferers
A Loughborough University lecturer has developed a computer software concept that will enable clinicians with no experience in Computer Aided Design (CAD) to design and make c...
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School's Out For The Summer: Physical Therapists Encourage An Active Summer Vacation
With warmer weather here to stay and summer vacation approaching, parents are looking for ways to keep their children active over the summer. The American Physical Therapy Ass...
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Quintiles And APTA Announce Plans To Develop New Outcomes Registry
Quintiles and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) today announced a new strategic collaboration to develop and implement the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry—wh...
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Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare Jobs

Nurse Practitioner
Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio Region
Dayton, Ohio

Instructor, Practical Nursing (Job #0412) - North Campus, Brooksville
Pasco Hernando State College

Instructor, Practical Nursing (Job #0412) - North Campus, Brooksville
Pasco Hernando State College

Instructor, Practical Nursing (Job #0412) - North Campus, Brooksville
Pasco Hernando State College

Family Nurse Practitioner
The William Storms Allergy Clinic
Colorado Springs , CO

Nurse Practitioners
Vista Community Clinic

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