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Respiratory Care Professionals
Respiratory Care Professionals Respiratory Care Professionals
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Latest Respiratory News

Rescufy Launches Anaphylaxis Emergency Mobile App

Rescufy LLC has introduced an Android and iOS app enabling single-button, multi-function emergency notification for people with life threatening allergies that can lead to ana...
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Latest Research On Physical Therapy In ICU Setting A "Surprising Reversal"

In a surprising reversal, researchers have determined that a particular protocol providing physical therapy to ICU patients with acute respiratory failure did not shorten hosp...
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Anthrax Capsule Vaccine Completely Protects Monkeys From Lethal Inhalational Anthrax

Vaccination with the anthrax capsule--a naturally occurring component of the bacterium that causes the disease--completely protected monkeys from lethal anthrax infection, acc...
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Next Flu Pandemic Could Double Past Cost Estimates

A pandemic influenza outbreak in the United States could have widespread economic costs nearly double the total amounts experts have previously calculated, depending on how th...
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Faster Detection Of Pathogens In The Lungs

What used to take several weeks is now possible in two days: thanks to new molecular-based methods, mycobacterial pathogens that cause pulmonary infections or tuberculosis can...
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Depression Decreases Adherence to COPD Maintenance Medications

A recent study in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society found that in a nationally representative sample of Medicare beneficiaries who were newly diagnosed with COPD, ad...
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Soaring Temperatures Pose Threat To Children, Elderly

The searing, record-setting temperatures in the West and Southwest United States flared a warning that extreme heat could be commonplace across much of the country this summer...
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New Clues To COPD Linked To Proteostasis Imbalance Caused By Cigarette Smoke

Few threats to public health are as perilous as cigarette smoking, with more than 435,000 Americans dying each year of tobacco-related pulmonary illnesses such as chronic obst...
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San Antonio Veteran Groups Partner With American Association Of Nurse Practitioners To Support Veterans Access To Health Care

Nearly 5,000 Nurse Practitioners are gathering in San Antonio, Texas from June 21-26 to advance solutions that will ensure US veterans high-quality health care with reduced wa...
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E-Cigarette Use Can Alter Hundreds Of Genes Involved In Airway Immune Defense

When we smoke cigarettes, dozens of genes important for immune defense are altered in the epithelial cells that line the respiratory tract. Several of these changes likely inc...
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Cannabis Use During Pregnancy May Affect Brain Development In Offspring

Cannabis use during pregnancy is associated with abnormal brain structure in children, according to a new study in Biological Psychiatry. Compared with unexposed children, th...
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Kids' Asthma Severity Under-Recognized & Undertreated At Routine Healthcare Visits

An innovative primary care-based asthma program improves identification of poorly controlled asthma among children and enhances treatment plans, compared to care provided duri...
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Rethink Rehabilitation To Reverse Frailty In COPD Patients

One in four patients with COPD referred for exercise rehabilitation are frail, but nevertheless can respond favourably to rehabilitation and their frailty can be reversed, fin...
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Pediatric Nasal Mask Brings Big Improvements For Tiny Patients

Philips Respironics has introduced the Wisp Pediatric Nasal Mask, which supports non-invasive ventilation (NIV) and is the most recent addition to the company's Wisp family of...
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Implantable Device Cuts Obstructive Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Since the 1980s, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) – in which positive pressure is pushed through the nasal airways to help users breathe while sleeping – has been by...
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Lung Cancer Breath ‘Signature’ Presents Promise For Earlier Diagnosis

A single breath may be all it takes to identify the return of lung cancer after surgery, according to a study posted online by The Annals of Thoracic Surgery. Exhaled breath ...
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Penn Smoking Research Lab Shows Not All Low Nicotine Cigarettes Reduce Harm; Smokers Disregard Warning Labels

Switching to reduced nicotine content (RNC) cigarettes may not necessarily reduce harm to smokers, according to new research conducted by Penn’s Center for Interdisciplinary R...
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Air Pollution Affects Young People's Psychiatric Health

New research from Umeå University in Sweden indicates that dispensed medication for psychiatric diagnosis can be related to air pollution concentrations. The study covers a la...
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Speeding Up Drug Discovery To Fight Tuberculosis

The rise in multi-drug resistant (MDR) and extremely drug resistant (XDR) strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) is becoming a major cause of global health concern for tr...
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New Devices, Wearable System Aim To Predict, Prevent Asthma Attacks

Researchers have developed an integrated, wearable system that monitors a user’s environment, heart rate and other physical attributes with the goal of predicting and preventi...
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PAs Seek Increased Career Flexibility And Options

More than one-third of PAs reported choosing their profession because it provided greater flexibility, according to a recent survey conducted by the American Academy of PAs (A...
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Rethinking Hospital Alarms

Hospital alarms are currently ranked as the “top medical technology hazard” within the United States. On average, there are about 480,000 patients in hospitals — each generati...
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The Dying Child: Room For Improvement In End-Of-Life Care

Many pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists believe that their clinical care extends from treating ill children through end-of-life care. However, are pediatricians actual...
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Fixing Cystic Fibrosis: In Vitro Studies Show Therapeutically Robust Correction Of The Most Common CF Gene Mutation

In experiments with isolated cystic fibrosis lung cells, University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers and colleagues from two other institutions have partially restored the...
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Blockade Of Histamine Receptors Suppresses Intestinal Anaphylaxis In Peanut Allergy

Simultaneous pre-treatment with antihistamines that block both the H1 and H4 antihistamine receptors suppressed the gastrointestinal symptoms of food allergy in mice, accordin...
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