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Smoking Marijuana Provides More Pain Relief For Men Than Women

Researchers from Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) found that men had greater pain relief than women after smoking marijuana. Results of the study were recently publi...
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Vaping May Lead To Fewer Respiratory Infections For Ex-Smokers

The majority of smokers who successfully switch to vaping say they have fewer respiratory infections, according to a study led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). The ...
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Aggressive Cancer's Aggressiveness May Prove Its Achilles' Heel

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have discovered a flaw in the armor of the most aggressive form of lung cancer, a weakness that doctors may be abl...
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Common Cold Viruses Originated In Camels, Just Like MERS

There are four globally endemic human coronaviruses which, together with the better known rhinoviruses, are responsible for causing common colds. Usually, infections with thes...
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Association News Tighter Air Pollution Standards May Save Thousands Of Lives, Greatly Improve Public Health

Reducing outdoor concentrations of two air pollutants, ozone (O3) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5), to levels below those set by the US Environmental Protection Agency woul...
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Care For Shock Patients In Intensive Unit Could Be Improved

Care for critically-ill patients with shock could be improved, it is hoped, after the first successful testing by University of Oxford scientists of a new machine to record ox...
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1 In 5 Are Discharged From Hospital With Unstable Vital Signs, And Experience Higher Readmission And Death Rates

Twenty percent of people hospitalized are released before all vital signs are stable, a pattern that is associated with an increased risk of death and hospital readmission, a ...
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Researchers From CSI Singapore Discover New Way To Inhibit Development Of Lung Cancer

Researchers from the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore (CSI Singapore) at the National University of Singapore (NUS), in collaboration with Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HS...
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Some Pesticides Linked To Respiratory Wheeze In Farmers

New research from North Carolina State University connects several pesticides commonly used by farmers with both allergic and non-allergic wheeze, which can be a sensitive mar...
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Simpler Way To Diagnose And Understand Childhood Pneumonia Infections

Oxford researchers are developing a tool to make it much easier and cheaper to diagnose pneumonia -- the number one killer of children under 5. Their latest research is publis...
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Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Submits New Drug Application For COPD

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Sunovion) today announced that it has submitted a New Drug Application (NDA) to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for SUN-101/eFlow®, an...
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Preemies Breathe Easier Thanks To A Simple Device Developed By UCLA Scientists

As humans evolved over many thousands of years, our bodies developed a system to help us when we start running and suddenly need more oxygen. Now, using that innate reflex as ...
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Molecular Test For Detection Of Influenza A/B And Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Luminex Corporation has received FDA clearance for the ARIES Flu A/B & RSV Assay. This is the second assay the FDA has cleared for use on the Luminex ARIES System. The ARIES...
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Growing Up On An Amish Farm Protects Children Against Asthma By Reprogramming Immune Cells

By probing the differences between two farming communities—the Amish of Indiana and the Hutterites of South Dakota—an interdisciplinary team of researchers found that specific...
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ATS Issues Clinical Practice Guidelines On Diagnosing Persistent Wheeze In Infants

The American Thoracic Society has issued clinical practice guidelines to help pediatricians and pediatric pulmonologists evaluate infants with recurrent or persistent wheezing...
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Students Seek To Reduce Deaths From Battlefield Injuries That Block Breathing

When a battlefield explosion injures a soldier’s face or neck, the critical air passage between the head and lungs often becomes blocked, which can lead to brain damage and de...
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Revolutionary Surgery Helps Children With Severely Restricted Airways Breathe Without A Tracheostomy

A revolutionary surgery developed by Dr. Richard Hopper, surgical director of Seattle Children’s Craniofacial Center, called subcranial rotation distraction, is changing the l...
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Low Physical Capacity Second Only To Smoking As Highest Death Risk

A 45 year study in middle-aged men has shown that the impact of low physical capacity on risk of death is second only to smoking. The research is published in the European Jou...
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All e-Cigarettes Emit Harmful Chemicals, But Some Emit More Than Others

While previous studies have found that electronic cigarettes emit toxic compounds, a new study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has pinpointed the sou...
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Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Patients Who Smoke, Are Obese Have Poorer Quality Of Life

A new study of patients who survive the once-nearly fatal Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) finds their subsequent quality of life has more to do with lifestyle facto...
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Importance Of Including Purpose Of Medications On Prescriptions

In a Perspective article in the issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, Gordon D. Schiff, MD, lead author and general internist at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and his ...
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'Gestational Sleep Apnea': Wake Up To A New Diagnosis

Recent studies reveal that approximately one quarter of pregnant women may suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), the recurrent cessation or limitation of normal breathing...
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Mobile Health And Wellness Clinic Debuts In Pune For Clinical Research And Community-Based Care

The Maryland-based health care informatics company CTIS and its founders, Raj and Bharti Shah, have collaborated with the Johns Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Educa...
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To Fight Pneumonia Risk After Cardiac Surgery, Data Could Be The Weapon

Pneumonia is the most prevalent infection after open heart surgery, leading to longer hospital stays and lower odds of survival. But a new analysis of data from thousands of...
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DNA Sequencing Uncovers Latent Risk For Developing Cystic Fibrosis

A study by researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the California Department of Public Health suggests that all babies with a k...
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