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Respiratory Care Professionals
Respiratory Care Professionals Respiratory Care Professionals
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Latest Respiratory News

A Step Closer To A Blood Test For Lung Cancer

The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ, is pleased to announce that two of its oncologists and a research scientist are helping pave the way to an easier, more accurate, less in...
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New Pilot Study: Tart Cherry Juice Reduced Post-Race Respiratory Tract Symptoms After A Marathon

While previous research suggests tart cherry juice may help aid muscle recovery after extensive exercise, a new pilot study published in the Journal of the International Socie...
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Formerly Conjoined Twin Adeline Faith Mata Discharged From Texas Children's Hospital

Formerly conjoined twin Adeline Faith Mata was discharged from Texas Children's Hospital where she and her sister, Knatalye Hope, underwent a successful separation surgery on ...
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Breath Test Diagnoses Esophageal And Gastric Cancer In Minutes

Researchers have devised a breath test that can help doctors diagnose the early signs of esophageal and gastric cancer in minutes. The test has produced encouraging results i...
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New Clinical Trial Of A Smoking-Cessation Smartphone App

Jonathan Bricker, PhD, a behavioral scientist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington, has received a $3.1 million, five-year grant from the...
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Statins Show Promise To Reduce Major Complications Following Lung Surgery

Statins have been shown to reduce complications from cardiovascular surgery. To determine whether statins might also help those undergoing major lung surgeries, a team at Memo...
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Independence At Home Program At Penn Medicine Part Of National Demonstration That Saved More Than $25 Million In Its First Year

House calls, a long-running option dating back to the early days of medicine, can be used in a new way to improve geriatric care and lower costs, says a report issued last wee...
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Researchers Successfully Target 'Achilles' Heel' Of MERS Virus

A Purdue University-led team of researchers studying the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, have found molecules that shut down the activity of an essential enzyme in ...
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Millions Of Smokers May Have Undiagnosed Lung Disease

More than half of long-term smokers and ex-smokers who are considered disease-free because they passed lung-function tests have respiratory-related impairments when more close...
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Researchers Find Molecular Mechanisms Within Fetal Lungs That Initiate Labor

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have identified two proteins in a fetus’ lungs responsible for initiating the labor process, providing potential new targets for ...
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Smoking Around Your Toddler Could Be Just As Bad As Smoking While Pregnant

Children whose parents smoked when they were toddlers are likely to have a wider waist and a higher BMI by time they reach ten years of age, reveal researchers at the Universi...
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Gene Discovery Could Lead To Muscular Dystrophy Treatment

Australian researchers have made a critical discovery about a gene involved in muscular dystrophy that could lead to future therapies for the currently untreatable disease. F...
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Completing Care Processes For Blood Poisoning More Quickly

Blood poisoning, known as sepsis, is the most common cause of death in intensive care units, according to the National Institutes of Health. The body’s immune response to figh...
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New Anesthesia Monitoring Technology To Offer Better Monitoring In The Operating Room

A team of researchers from Wayne State University was recently issued a US patent (# 8,998,808) on a technology that will offer anesthesiologists better methods for monitoring...
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Active Clinician Support, Assistance Are Critical To Successfully Quitting Smoking

Does participation in the annual lung cancer screening currently recommended for people with high-risk smoking histories encourage those who are still smoking to quit? A new s...
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Ten Years After Heart-Lung Transplant, Patient Looking Forward To First Father’s Day

On March 20, Andrew Gaumer celebrated the 10th anniversary of his life-saving heart and double-lung transplant. On Mother’s Day, his wife, Andrea, gave birth to their first c...
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White Memorial Medical Center Expands Use Of Capnography Respiratory Monitoring To Help Protect Patients On Pain Medication

White Memorial Medical Center recently strengthened patient safety measures by expanding its use of capnography to monitor patients using patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) to...
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American Thoracic Society Issues Recommendations On Healthy Sleep

The American Thoracic Society has released a policy statement with recommendations for clinicians and the general public on achieving good quality sleep and getting an adequat...
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Community Acquired Pneumonia Increases Long-Term Morbidity, Mortality

Having had community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) greatly increases the risk of long-term morbidity and mortality compared to the general population who have never had CAP, accord...
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Why Obesity Predisposes To Severe Respiratory Failure

The lungs of seven percent of all intensive care unit patients will fill up with fluid causing a 30 to 50 percent chance of death from a condition called acute respiratory dis...
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Nasal Filter More Than Halves Hay Fever Symptoms

Getting through the pollen season can now become easier for some of the approximately 500 million people worldwide who suffer from sneezing and a runny nose, watery eyes and d...
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Mount Sinai − National Jewish Health Respiratory Institute Opens In New York City

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and National Jewish Health, the nation’s leading respiratory hospital based in Denver, today announced the official opening of the...
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National Study Finds Rising Rate Of Marijuana Exposure Among Children 5 Years Old And Younger

Debates about legalizing marijuana have focused on crime rates, economic benefits, and health effects among adults. But a study published today from researchers at Nationwide ...
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UAB Emphysema Patient Has Good Result From Experimental One-Way Valve Procedure

In late March, physicians at the University of Alabama at Birmingham carefully threaded a one-way valve the size of a black-eyed pea into the lower lobe of Dennis Bullock’s le...
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Transitional Care, Progressive Mobility Help Patients With Post-Acute Care Recovery

Transitional care has emerged as a way to reduce hospital readmissions, and progressive care nurses can play an integral role in efforts to help patients achieve functional re...
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