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FSRC 2014 Sunshine Seminar
08/07/2014 - 08/08/2014
Florida Society for Respiratory Care

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In Asthma, It’s Not Just What You Smell, But What You Think You Smell
New research from the Monell Center reveals that simply believing that an odor is potentially harmful can increase airway inflammation in asthmatics for at least 24 hours foll...
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Dangers Of Desert Dust: New Diagnostic Tool For Valley Fever
On July 5, 2011, a massive wall of dust, ("haboob," in Arabic), blanketed Phoenix, Arizona, creating an awesome spectacle, (or stubborn nuisance, depending on your perspective...
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The Heart Of An Astronaut, Five Years On
The heart of an astronaut is a much-studied thing. Scientists have analyzed its blood flow, rhythms, atrophy and, through journal studies, even matters of the heart. But for t...
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Penn Researchers Successfully Alleviate Pulmonary Inflammation Through Targeted Drug Delivery
Pulmonary inflammation can cause shallow breathing and the lungs to become brittle in patients who experience multiple blood transfusions, sepsis, lung surgery and acute lung ...
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Rhythmic Bursts Of Electrical Activity From Cells In Ear Teach Brain How To Hear
A precise rhythm of electrical impulses transmitted from cells in the inner ear coaches the brain how to hear, according to a new study led by researchers at the University of...
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Bacterial Colonization Prior To Catching Flu May Protect Against Severe Illness
Many studies have shown that more severe illness and even death are likely to result if you develop a secondary respiratory infection after developing influenza. Now, however,...
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MyChart Use Skyrocketing Among Cancer Patients
There has been a sharp increase in the number of cancer patients at UT Southwestern Medical Center using MyChart, the online, interactive service that allows patients to view ...
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Healthcare Worker Hand Hygiene Rates Increase Three-Fold When Auditors Visible
Hand hygiene rates were found to be three times higher when auditors were visible to healthcare workers than when there were no auditors present, according to a study in a maj...
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Spinal Cord Mass Arising From Neural Stem Cell Therapy
A spinal mass was identified in a young woman with complete spinal cord injury 8 years after she had undergone implantation of olfactory mucosal cells in the hopes of regainin...
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New Approach To Identify Genes Poised To Respond In Asthma Patients
In a study published in the scientific journal Nature Immunology, a group at the La Jolla Institute (LJI) led by Pandurangan Vijayanand, PhD identify new genes that likely con...
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Outcomes For Older Adults With Pneumonia Who Receive Treatment Including Azithromycin
In a study that included nearly 65,000 older patients hospitalized with pneumonia, treatment that included azithromycin compared with other antibiotics was associated with a s...
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Lou Gehrig’s Sad Farewell and the Disease That Bears His Name
On the Fourth of July 75 years ago, in 1939, legendary first baseman Lou Gehrig – afflicted with a nerve disorder called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS – stepped to the...
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Do Fruit, Vegetable Supplements Improve Respiratory Function In Smokers?
Studies have shown that smokers, in addition to exposing their lungs to harmful toxins, often eat less fruits and vegetables than non-smokers. Given the role of fruit and ve...
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FDA Approves Inhaled Form Of Insulin
The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a new insulin drug that will allow diabetics to set needles aside at mealtimes and use inhalers instead. Afrezza Inhalation P...
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Deployment-Related Respiratory Symptoms in Returning Veterans
In a new study of the causes underlying respiratory symptoms in military personnel returning from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, a large percentage of veterans had non-specific...
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Collaboration Enables Remote Monitoring Of Sleep Apnea
In Europe, approximately 2 to 5 % of the population suffer from sleep apnea. The disorder is characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep and this can cause drowsiness du...
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Columbia State Honors Respiratory Care Grads
“The 2014 respiratory care graduates have spent hundreds of hours at various clinical sites throughout Middle Tennessee,” said David Johnson, director and associate professor ...
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American Lung Association's Champ Camp For Kids With Asthma Offers full scholarships
The American Lung Association of the Northeast is now accepting applications for its Champ Camp for Kids with Asthma, which is being held this year at Camp Chingachgook, locat...
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Fantastic Voyage Into The Human Lung
A team of investigators at The Saban Research Institute of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles has been awarded $4 million over five years by the National Heart Lung and Blood Ins...
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Study Shows No Benefit From Active Ingredient In Common Cold Medicine
Glyceryl guaiacolate ether (GGE) is unlikely to make it easier to cough up phlegm when delivered in the recommended dose. GGE is approved by the FDA as an over-the-counter exp...
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Ghana To Begin RT Training Program
Weber State University (WSU) faculty and students got some great news when they returned from their latest trip to Ghana to bring much needed medical education and services to...
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Cellular Force That Drives Allergy And Asthma Can Be Blocked By Interferon, UT Southwestern Immunologists Find
A mechanism that could underlie the development of cells that drive asthma and allergies has been uncovered by immunology researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Asthm...
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Nurses Play Critical Role In Responding To Global Resurgence Of Pertussis
Concerted effort is needed to reverse the ongoing rise in pertussis cases and deaths, especially among children and young people, according to the article by Emily Peake, APRN...
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Effective Drugs For Parkinson's Reduce Symptoms Of Rett Syndrome In Mice
IDIBELL researchers, led by the director of the Program for Epigenetics and Cancer Biology, ICREA researcher and Professor of Genetics at the University of Barcelona, ​​Manel ...
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Genetic Influence On Pulmonary Function: Six Further Genes Identified
In an analysis of several genome-wide association studies, an international team of scientists has identified six novel gene regions that are associated with the function of t...
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