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Car Might Be the Ideal Place to Develop a Child’s Interest in Music

Case Western Reserve University music educator Lisa Huisman Koops realized during the daily 20-minute commute to her daughter’s preschool that the family vehicle might be an ideal—and overlooked—place to develop a child’s awareness and interest in music. The family car, she thought, could provide an option for harried parents who say they lack time for [...]

Belmont Fan Sings Miley Cyrus Before UNC Missed Free Throw (Video)

The benefits of having a strong music program.  

DNP Dispatched to Cure Emergency Transportation Ills

When a patient suffers a heart attack, stroke, or other serious medical emergency, access to specialists—known as tertiary care—can be vital, and timing is critical. For Scott Newton, a DNP student at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and former volunteer ambulance dispatcher, it’s familiar territory–and a place he feels he can make a [...]

Superheroes Spotted in San Diego

Look who showed up at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego!  I saw this on their Facebook Page and had to share.  

Video: Men Experiencing Labor Contractions

Watch two men experience simulated labor pain with their wives looking on and acting as coaches. No thanks. I know I’m a wimp.   Labor Pain Simulation from Kensington on Vimeo. Source: Thought Catalog