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Hear Malawi: Photography Project For Young People With Hearing Loss

Source: Hear The World Foundation

The Hear the World Foundation, in collaboration with well-known Hamburg-based photographer Philipp Rathmer, has launched a very special project. In Malawi, young people with hearing loss who were provided with hearing aids by the foundation were challenged to photograph their favorite sounds, which they are now finally able to hear again. The result is a [...]

Reviving Drugs With Anti-Stroke Potential, Minus Side Effects

Schematic representation of the NMDA receptor complex. NMDA receptor antagonists can have beneficial effects in animal models of stroke, but also have pronounced side effects such as disorientation and hallucinations.
Source: Image courtesy of Emory Health Sciences

In the 1990s, neuroscientists identified a class of drugs that showed promise in the area of stroke. NMDA receptor antagonists could limit damage to the brain in animal models of stroke. But one problem complicated testing the drugs in a clinical setting: the side effects included disorientation and hallucinations. Now researchers have found a potential [...]

New Ultrasensitive Test For Peanut Allergies

Professor James Rusling (left) and Associate Professor Mark Peczuh, both in the Department of Chemistry, are pictured with the object of their research.
Source: Peter Morenus/UConn Photo

Current peanut allergy tests are not very reliable when it comes to diagnosing the severity of an individual’s allergic reaction, which can range from hives to life-threatening anaphylactic shock. With an estimated three million people in the United States allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, having a more precise and reliable allergy test could prevent [...]

The Better To See You With

A computer-controlled actuator operates a camera that helps a robotic ankle "see" what's ahead.
Source: Michigan Technological University

Mo Rastgaar is poised to take a giant step forward in the development of a better prosthetic ankle. The Michigan Technological University mechanical engineer and his team have already developed a prototype that can provide a range of motion that rivals a natural gait. Next, they aim to give their robotic ankle something different: eyes. [...]

Shake It Off? Not So Easy For People With Depression, New Brain Research Suggests

The brains of healthy individuals (left column) released natural opioids during social rejection (colored spots) that may help to reduce negative emotions associated with rejection. In contrast, study participants with depression (right column) did not release nearly as many opioids, which may contribute to a lingering depressed mood following rejection. Source: University of Michigan

Rejected by a person you like? Just “shake it off” and move on, as music star Taylor Swift says. But while that might work for many people, it may not be so easy for those with untreated depression, a new brain study finds. The pain of social rejection lasts longer for them — and their [...]

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