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Chemists Recruit Anthrax To Deliver Cancer Drugs


Bacillus anthracis bacteria have very efficient machinery for injecting toxic proteins into cells, leading to the potentially deadly infection known as anthrax. A team of MIT researchers has now hijacked that delivery system for a different purpose: administering cancer drugs. “Anthrax toxin is a professional at delivering large enzymes into cells,” says Bradley Pentelute, the [...]

FAU Professor Beats All Odds Surviving Two Bouts Of Pancreatic Cancer

Steven Lewis, Ph.D., visiting professor in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University, is an exercise physiologist, researcher and teacher who leads a vigorous life, exercising regularly to maintain a high level of physical fitness and health. Source: Florida Atlantic University

In what his physicians have called a “miraculous recovery,” Steven Lewis, PhD, a visiting professor in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University, has beaten all odds surviving two bouts of pancreatic cancer. Lewis was first diagnosed with the disease in 2007, and again almost three years later when the cancer [...]

“I Am A Marathon Runner”

Juanito with his many medals
Source: Children's Hospital Los Angeles

‘Cancer’ is a depleting word to anyone who is experiencing or has experienced those six-letters. It is a life-changing word that can often define a person for worse or better. To 12-year-old Juan Moreno, he chose the latter. This word has defined him as resilient, determined, accomplished and an amazing kid who is defying all [...]

Possible New Treatment For Soft Tissue Bone Formation In Burn Victims May Hold Promise For Blast Injured

Lead author Navy Cmdr. (Dr.) Jonathan Forsberg.
Source: US Navy photo.

A possible new treatment for stopping bone growth in soft tissue following third-degree burns may also prove to be beneficial to combat troops suffering high energy orthopaedic trauma or blast injuries, according to an article to appear in Science Translational Medicine.  Navy Cmdr. (Dr.) Jonathan Forsberg, associate professor of Surgery at the F. Edward Hebert [...]

ADHD: Brains Not Recognizing Angry Expressions

These two faces were presented to children.
Source: © National Institutes of Natural Sciences

Inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior in children with ADHD can result in social problems and they tend to be excluded from peer activities. They have been found to have impaired recognition of emotional expression from other faces. The research group of Professor Ryusuke Kakigi of the National Institute for Physiological Sciences, National Institutes of Natural [...]