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Psychopathic Violent Offenders’ Brains Can’t Understand Punishment

Psychopathic violent offenders have abnormalities in the parts of the brain related to learning from punishment.
Source: © cunaplus / Fotolia

Psychopathic violent offenders have abnormalities in the parts of the brain related to learning from punishment, according to an MRI study led by Sheilagh Hodgins and Nigel Blackwood. “One in five violent offenders is a psychopath. They have higher rates of recidivism and don’t benefit from rehabilitation programmes. Our research reveals why this is and [...]

What’s Happening With Your Donated Specimen?

Most people are willing to donate blood and other tissue to biobanks in the hope that their contribution will help further research. But when specific research scenarios are brought into the equation, that willingness changes.
Source: G.L. Kohuth

When donating blood, plasma, human tissue or any other bodily sample for medical research, most people might not think about how it’s being used. But if you were told, would you care? A new Michigan State University study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, indicates that most people are willing to donate [...]

Novel Eye-Tracking Technology Detects Concussions And Head Injury Severity

For the novel eye-tracking technology, a subject watches a <4-minute video playing inside of an aperture moving around the perimetry of a video monitor while a camera records eye movements.
Source: NYU Langone Medical Center

New research out of NYU Langone Medical Center could move the medical community one step closer toward effectively detecting concussion and quantifying its severity. Neuroscientists and concussion experts from NYU Langone and elsewhere, in a study publishing online in Journal of Neurotrauma, present a unique, simple and objective diagnostic tool for concussion that can be [...]

3D Printing Makes Heart Surgery Safer For Children

3D-printed model of Esther Perez's heart
Source:Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Three-dimensional printing technology can make surgery safer for children with congenital heart disease and reduce the duration as well as the number of invasive procedures required. Richard Kim, MD, a cardiac surgeon at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, recently used a 3D printed heart as a model to plan a life-saving procedure for his young patient, [...]

New Model For Preserving Donor Tissue Will Allow More Natural Joint Repair For Patients

Nichole Wilson, RN, assists James Stannard, MD, in preparing a tissue graft for a biologic joint replacement at the Missouri Orthopaedic Institute.
Source: Image courtesy of University of Missouri-Columbia

Currently, doctors have to throw away more than 80% of donated tissue used for joint replacements because the tissue does not survive long enough to be transplanted. Now, following a recent study, University of Missouri School of Medicine researchers have developed a new technology that more than doubles the life of the tissue. This new [...]

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