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How Burning Heart Tissue Saved Firefighter’s Career

William H. Heenan
Source: Loyola University Medical Center

William H. Heenan serves in an elite search-and-rescue squad for the Chicago Fire Department, and absolutely loves his job. But when he began suffering debilitating episodes of an irregular heartbeat called premature ventricular contractions, his career was in jeopardy. Heenan feared he would have to switch to less challenging duties. Loyola University Medical Center cardiologist [...]

Veterinary Pharmacologist Warns That Eggs From Backyard Chickens May Pose Consumption Problems

Cleaning water dishes is important after chickens being raised in the backyard complete any course of medication. That's because medication residues can remain in the eggs the chickens produce for varying lengths of time, according to Ronette Gehring, a Kansas State University pharmacologist. Source: Kansas State University

Whether raising chickens in your backyard as pets or as a source of fresh eggs, a Kansas State University pharmacologist says what you don’t know about your chickens could hurt you or others. Ronette Gehring, associate professor of veterinary pharmacology at the university’s College of Veterinary Medicine and regional director of the Midwest branch of [...]

Nurses Arrange Huge Donation Of Protective Suits For Nurses, Doctors, Health Workers Fighting Ebola

Healthcare workers in Western Africa struggle with a lack of adequate protective equipment. Source: © EC/ECHO

UPDATE ON THE EBOLA FIGHT BY THE INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS AND LIBERIAN HEALTH WORKERS National Nurses United, joined by the International Medical Corps (IMC), will announce a major donation Thursday of special protective Hazmat suits for embattled nurses, doctors, and other health workers heroically fighting to stem the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

Brain Scans Used To Forecast Early Reading Difficulties

Kindergarten teacher reading to children (stock image). In the United States, children usually learn to read for the first time in kindergarten and become proficient readers by third grade.
Source: © Monkey Business / Fotolia

UC San Francisco researchers have used brain scans to predict how young children learn to read, giving clinicians a possible tool to spot children with dyslexia and other reading difficulties before they experience reading challenges. In the United States, children usually learn to read for the first time in kindergarten and become proficient readers by [...]

Cats Lend A Helping Paw In Search For Anti-HIV Drugs

Assistant Professor Akram Alian.
Source: Image courtesy of American Technion Society

If you’re not making regular trips to the vet for your kitty these days, you may not know that cats can get AIDS too. The feline virus FIV that causes the disease in cats looks a lot like HIV, a fact that Technion scientists say could inspire new anti-HIV drugs. How can a cat help [...]