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Babies Remember Nothing But A Good Time, Study Says

“We think what happens is that the positive affect heightens the babies’ attentional system and arousal,” Flom said. “By heightening those systems, we heighten their ability to process and perhaps remember this geometric pattern.”
Source: Image courtesy of Brigham Young University

Parents who spend their time playing with and talking to their five-month-old baby may wonder whether their child remembers any of it a day later. Thanks to a new BYU study, we now know that they at least remember the good times. The study, published in Infant Behavior and Development, shows that babies are more [...]

Artificial Limbs with More Natural Movement Now within Reach

The most sophisticated artificial limbs, which are controlled via brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) that transmit neural commands to robotic mechanisms, rely on users’ visual guidance and do not yet incorporate proprioceptive feedback.
Source: UC San Francisco

Providing Simple Neural Signals to Brain Implants Could Stand In for Body’s Own Feedback System In new research that brings natural movement by artificial limbs closer to reality, UC San Francisco scientists have shown that monkeys can learn simple brain-stimulation patterns that represent their hand and arm position, and can then make use of this [...]

Designing A Wearable Brain Imaging Helmet

GE scientists are working on a wearable, high-resolution imaging “helmet” that would allow doctors to observe the brain on the cellular level. Source: GE Reports

GE scientists are working on a wearable, high-resolution imaging “helmet” that would allow doctors to observe the brain on the cellular level. The portable device could also allow doctors to study motor activity in the brain, since patients will be able to move around as their brains are being imaged. “If successful, this effort would [...]

Computer Simulators Train Surgeons Virtually

A UW-Madison plastic surgery resident takes a first look at the surgical simulator under development. Though it requires further work, researchers say the approach has the potential to revolutionize surgical training. Source: Sarah Morton

University of Wisconsin-Madison computer science and medical researchers have teamed up to create a sophisticated new simulator to help surgical students practice detailed procedures before operating on live patients. The simulator could have immense potential to reduce errors, minimize post-surgical complications and improve patient quality of life, says Eftychios Sifakis, an assistant professor of computer [...]

New Device May Ease Mammography Discomfort

Hologic Selenia 2.
Source: Image courtesy of Radiological Society of North America

Researchers have developed a new device that may result in more comfortable mammography for women. According to a study being presented next week at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), standardizing the pressure applied in mammography would reduce pain associated with breast compression without sacrificing image quality. Compression of the [...]

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