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New Liver Gives Mother Of Three A Life Without Pain

Michelle Linss, center, is the hub of her active family, from left, Kaden, 7; Alexandria, 19; husband Eddie; and Kaleb, 11.
Source: UT Southwestern

The itching started when Michelle Linss, now 37, was pregnant with her third child. When she told her obstetrician, they thought it was due to the hormonal changes of pregnancy and would resolve following delivery. But the young El Paso woman was still itching a year later, launching a six-year journey of testing and treatment, [...]

Goodbye Drafty Backside, Hello “Model G” Patient Gown

Model G, developed by the Innovation Institute at Henry Ford Hospital and manufactured by Carhartt, is available in multiple colors, allowing it to be tailored for any hospital or health care need. Source: Henry Ford Health System

A new Detroit design is rolling off the assembly line in the Motor City in 2015, made with a cotton-poplin blend for comfort, color-coded trim for ease of use and – most importantly – a closed backside that finally offers patients more privacy and comfort in the hospital. Called Model G™, it will be the [...]

Reported Opioid Abuse In Pregnant Women More Than Doubles In 14 Years

Opioid Abuse in Pregnant Women
Source:  J. P. Rathmell

The number of pregnant women who abuse or are dependent on opioids (narcotics) jumped 127% in 14 years, leading to an increased risk of maternal death and stillbirth among other serious problems, according to a review of more than 57 million American women admitted for delivery. The results were published in the issue of Anesthesiology, [...]

Mother’s Soothing Presence Makes Pain Go Away, Changes Gene Activity In Infant Brain

Sullivan, whose earlier research showed how the mother's presence controlled electrical signaling in the infant pup's brain, says her latest findings shed insight on the complexity of treating pain in newborns.
Source: © Andrey Bandurenko / Fotolia

A mother’s “TLC” not only can help soothe pain in infants, but it may also impact early brain development by altering gene activity in a part of the brain involved in emotions, according to new study from NYU Langone Medical Center. By carefully analyzing what genes were active in infant rat brains when the mother [...]

Jennifer Hudson Joins The Women’s Heart Alliance To Fight Women’s Number One Killer–Heart Disease

Women's Heart Alliance Jennifer Hudson

A powerful new PSA released by the Women’s Heart Alliance (WHA) and its new campaign, Fight the Ladykiller, features Academy and Grammy Award winner Jennifer Hudson urging women to fight heart disease by understanding their risk and getting their hearts checked (#getHeartChecked). The PSA comes as a new survey from the WHA shows that women [...]

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