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Thumbs-Up For Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm

This is an image showing one of four new hand movements from the 10D control of the robotic arm.
Source: Journal of Neural Engineering/IOP Publishing

A paralysed woman who controlled a robotic arm using just her thoughts has taken another step towards restoring her natural movements by controlling the arm with a range of complex hand movements. Thanks to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, Jan Scheuermann, who has longstanding quadriplegia and has been taking part in the study for [...]

Disaster Readiness For Children

Jeffrey S. Upperman, MD
Source: Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Jeffrey S. Upperman, MD, director of the Trauma Program and Pediatric Disaster Resource and Training Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, is guest editor of the issue of Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine. This issue focuses on Disaster Readiness for Children and covers a range of topics including: Like this:Like Loading…

Researchers Identify A Therapeutic Strategy That May Treat A Childhood Neurological Disorder

Dr. Luis Parada
Source: UT Southwestern

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have identified a possible therapy to treat neurofibromatosis type 1 or NF1, a childhood neurological disease characterized by learning deficits and autism that is caused by inherited mutations in the gene encoding a protein called neurofibromin. Researchers initially determined that loss of neurofibromin in mice affects the development of the [...]

Rate Of Prescribing Psychotropic Drugs To Kentucky Kids Studied At UofL

Gilbert Liu, MD, is principal investigator of a University of Louisville study examining the rate of psychotropic medication prescribing to Kentucky children covered by Medicaid.
Source: University of Louisville Physicians

Researchers with the Child and Adolescent Health Research Design and Support Unit (CAHRDS Unit) at the University of Louisville have begun a study to examine one of Kentucky’s most vexing children’s health issues: the higher-than-average rate of psychotropic medication being prescribed to children in the Bluegrass State. Psychotropic medications (PMs) alter chemical levels in the [...]

Research Raises Consciousness For Dehydration Concerns In Diabetic Patients

Research by Derek Daniels and colleagues has shed light on factors that may increase the likelihood of dehydration in diabetics.
Source: Douglas Levere

Some drugs used to treat diabetes mimic the behavior of a hormone that a University at Buffalo psychologist has learned controls fluid intake in subjects. The finding creates new awareness for diabetics who, by the nature of their disease, are already at risk for dehydration. Derek Daniels’ paper “Endogenous Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Reduces Drinking Behavior and [...]

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