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New Device May Ease Mammography Discomfort

Hologic Selenia 2.
Source: Image courtesy of Radiological Society of North America

Researchers have developed a new device that may result in more comfortable mammography for women. According to a study being presented next week at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), standardizing the pressure applied in mammography would reduce pain associated with breast compression without sacrificing image quality. Compression of the [...]

New Online 3-D Tool Seeks Possible Targets To Disable Ebola Virus

This illustration depicts the Ebola virus and proteins on its surface that may provide targets for new drugs that could help treat or prevent Ebola infections. Source: David Hopkins/Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins biomedical engineers have developed a free, browser-based online tool that could speed up the creation of new drugs to treat or prevent Ebola virus infections. The software, called MuPIT Ebola Edition, enables a researcher to visualize Ebola gene mutations in the context of three-dimensional protein structures. It also offers views of antibody binding [...]

Athletes’ Testosterone Surges Not Tied To Winning, Study Finds

Cross country is "an intense experience."
Source: Photos courtesy Kathleen Casto.

A higher surge of testosterone in competition, the so-called “winner effect,” is not actually related to winning, suggests a new study of intercollegiate cross country runners. The International Journal of Exercise Science published the research, led by David Edwards, a professor of psychology at Emory University, and his graduate student Kathleen Casto. “Many people in [...]

New Resource Available For Parents Of Children Diagnosed With An Autism Spectrum Disorder

Source: Rutgers Medical School

Navigating through the maze of health and medical services can be challenging for parents of children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). A new resource is now available for caregivers, health professionals and, especially, parents. A pediatric neurologist and pediatrician/geneticist at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School recognized a need for a comprehensive [...]

Tapeworm Found Living Inside A Patient’s Brain: Worm Removed And Sequenced


A genome of a rare species of tapeworm found living inside a patient’s brain has been sequenced for the first time, in research published in the open access journal Genome Biology. The study provides insights into potential drug targets within the genome for future treatments. Tapeworms are parasites that are most commonly found living in [...]

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