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Vitamin E intake Critical During ‘The First 1,000 Days’

Sunflower seeds and oil are a particularly good dietary source of vitamin E.
Source: Photo by Bruce Fritz, courtesy US Department of Agriculture

Amid conflicting reports about the need for vitamin E and how much is enough, a new analysis published today suggests that adequate levels of this essential micronutrient are especially critical for the very young, the elderly, and women who are or may become pregnant. A lifelong proper intake of vitamin E is also important, researchers [...]

What Is Enterovirus D68?

Saul Hymes, MD
Source: Stony Brook University

A respiratory virus that has sent hundreds of children to hospitals in Missouri is causing alarm across the Midwest and beyond. So far, ten states have contacted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for help investigating clusters of the virus that’s being blamed for the illness. Although health officials say they’re still figuring out [...]

‘Rowing’ Wheelchair Is A Moving Experience

Pedro, a patient at Shriners Hospital for Children, Houston, with arthrogryposis, is beta testing a wheelchair custom made for him by students at Rice University. With him are students, from left, David Smith, Michaela Dimoff and Reed Thornburg. Source: Brandon Martin/Rice University

Rice University students have built a unique wheelchair for a Houston teenager who will now be able to row his way forward. Pedro, 15, a patient at Shriners Hospital for Children, Houston, has had arthrogryposis since birth. This congenital disorder causes severe limitation of movement in all of his joints. But Pedro’s path can be [...]

New Cancer Drug For Dogs Benefits Human Research, Drug Development

Veterinary oncologist Cheryl London led studies on a new cancer drug for dogs. Her findings helped in the design of human trials testing a similar drug. Source: The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Dogs suffering from certain types of blood cancers may have a new treatment alternative thanks to the collaborative work of cancer experts looking for options that can help both humans and their pets.  The drug, Verdinexor (KPT-335), works by preventing powerful tumor suppressing proteins from leaving the nucleus of cells, an exodus which allows cancer [...]

Research Improving Prognosis For Battlefield Injuries

Kim Reuter, senior research engineer at Wichita State University, shows off an innovative new splint that can be used to stabilize battlefield injuries. Source: NIAR

Leg and arm injuries sustained in the battlefield are made worse when splinting devices used by military medics don’t provide proper stabilization of the injured extremity. Three years ago, Wichita State University researchers – through a $1.4 million US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command grant – set out to find an innovative solution to [...]