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Study Questions 21-day Quarantine Period For Ebola

Ebola virus (stock illustration). A new study suggests that 21 days of quarantine might not be enough to completely prevent spread of the virus.
Source: © krishnacreations / Fotolia

As medical personnel and public health officials are responding to the first reported cases of Ebola Virus in the United States, many of the safety and treatment procedures for treating the virus and preventing its spread are being reexamined.  One of the tenets for minimizing the risk of spreading the disease has been a 21-day [...]

Why Early-Stage Breast Cancer Survivors Opt For Mastectomy

“Some just wanted to get it over with and get back on the tractor,” said Nancy Fahrenwald, dean of the South Dakota State University College of Nursing, describing the resiliency of South Dakota women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.
Source: South Dakota State University

Why did 43% of South Dakota women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer surveyed choose mastectomy rather than lumpectomy? “According to research evidence, survival rates are considered equal,” explained dean Nancy Fahrenwald of the South Dakota State University College of Nursing. Working through the South Dakota Women’s Cancer Network, the South Dakota Comprehensive Cancer Control Program [...]

Brain Surgery Through The Cheek

Mockup of patient in MRI shows how the surgical robot designed to do brain surgery entering through the cheek.
Source: David Comber, Vanderbilt University

For those most severely affected, treating epilepsy means drilling through the skull deep into the brain to destroy the small area where the seizures originate – invasive, dangerous and with a long recovery period. Five years ago, a team of Vanderbilt engineers wondered: Is it possible to address epileptic seizures in a less invasive way? [...]

Simple Steps Can Lead To Safe Sleep For Infants

Most parents know that it's best for infants to sleep on their backs.
Source: Penn State

The number of infants who die each year from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) has decreased in recent decades as awareness of safe sleeping habits has increased. Yet each year, babies still die from sudden, unexplained causes. Most parents know that it’s best for infants to sleep on their backs, rather than on their sides [...]

Use of Intensive Medical Services For Ovarian Cancer Patients At End Of Life Increases Despite Rise In Use of Hospice

Alexi Wright, MD, MPH
Source: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

There have been widespread efforts to improve the quality of life of terminally ill patients. As more patients choose to spend their final days and weeks in hospice care rather than a hospital, the hope is the use of intensive and costly hospital services would decline. A new study by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute researchers shows [...]