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New Insights On An Ancient Plague Could Improve Treatments For Infections

Historic illustration of people suffering bubonic plague. Source: Duke

Dangerous new pathogens such as the Ebola virus invoke scary scenarios of deadly epidemics, but even ancient scourges such as the bubonic plague are still providing researchers with new insights on how the body responds to infections. In a study published online in the journal Immunity, researchers at Duke Medicine and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School [...]

An Update On Bacterial Meningitis And Other Important Vaccine News

George DiFerdinando Jr. says while you may get the flu even if you've been vaccinated, your risk of death will be lower and there's a good chance your symptoms will be milder.
Source: George DiFerdinando Jr.

With school underway and flu season not far behind, vaccinations are on people’s minds again, or at least they should be – according to experts such as George DiFerdinando Jr. who keep track of how disease spreads and the best ways to prevent it. DiFerdinando is an adjunct professor of epidemiology at Rutgers School of [...]

Newer Tests Clarify Hereditary Risk Of Cancer

Suzanne Mahon, DNSc., is a genetic counselor at Saint Louis University Cancer Center.
Source: Riya V, Anandwala

Patients who years ago breathed a sigh of relief because their genetic tests showed they were not at increased risk of developing cancer are not necessarily home free, said Suzanne Mahon, DNSc, genetic counselor for Saint Louis University Cancer Center. “There is this group of people who think they don’t need to worry about getting [...]

How Burning Heart Tissue Saved Firefighter’s Career

William H. Heenan
Source: Loyola University Medical Center

William H. Heenan serves in an elite search-and-rescue squad for the Chicago Fire Department, and absolutely loves his job. But when he began suffering debilitating episodes of an irregular heartbeat called premature ventricular contractions, his career was in jeopardy. Heenan feared he would have to switch to less challenging duties. Loyola University Medical Center cardiologist [...]

Nurses Arrange Huge Donation Of Protective Suits For Nurses, Doctors, Health Workers Fighting Ebola

Healthcare workers in Western Africa struggle with a lack of adequate protective equipment. Source: © EC/ECHO

UPDATE ON THE EBOLA FIGHT BY THE INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS AND LIBERIAN HEALTH WORKERS National Nurses United, joined by the International Medical Corps (IMC), will announce a major donation Thursday of special protective Hazmat suits for embattled nurses, doctors, and other health workers heroically fighting to stem the Ebola crisis in West Africa.