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Students Sharpen Research Skills With The FDA

NCTR Intern Claire Boyle is a graduate student from Florida State University.
Source: National Center for Toxicology

Biology. Chemistry. Bioinformatics. Toxicology. Practical, hands-on laboratory work is important for all college students who want to become scientists — but, for many of them, such experiences are out of reach. That’s one of the reasons why every summer, our National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) — FDA’s internationally acclaimed toxicological research center in Jefferson, [...]

New Test Scans All Genes Simultaneously To Identify Single Mutation Causing Child’s Rare Genetic Disease

Audrey Lapidus cuddles her son, Calvin, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder after months of inconclusive tests stumped doctors. The UCLA Clinical Genomics Center sequenced his DNA to identify the single mutation causing his baffling symptoms.
Source: Lapidus family

Audrey Lapidus adored her baby’s sunny smile and irresistible dimples, but grew worried when Calvin did not roll over or crawl by 10 months and suffered chronic digestive problems. Four neurologists dismissed his symptoms and a battery of tests proved inconclusive. Desperate for answers, Audrey and her husband agreed to have their son become UCLA’s [...]

Many Older People Have Mutations Linked To Leukemia, Lymphoma In Their Blood Cells

Li Ding, PhD, and colleagues at Washington University's Genome Institute found that many older people have mutations linked to leukemia and lymphoma in their blood cells.
Source: Washington University in St. Louis

At least 2% of people over age 40 and 5% of people over 70 have mutations linked to leukemia and lymphoma in their blood cells, according to new research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Mutations in the body’s cells randomly accumulate as part of the aging process, and most are harmless. [...]

Study Questions 21-day Quarantine Period For Ebola

Ebola virus (stock illustration). A new study suggests that 21 days of quarantine might not be enough to completely prevent spread of the virus.
Source: © krishnacreations / Fotolia

As medical personnel and public health officials are responding to the first reported cases of Ebola Virus in the United States, many of the safety and treatment procedures for treating the virus and preventing its spread are being reexamined.  One of the tenets for minimizing the risk of spreading the disease has been a 21-day [...]

An End To Needle Phobia: Device Could Make Painless Injections Possible


Imagine no tears during infant vaccines and no fear of the needle for those old enough to know what’s coming. Such painless injections could be possible with a device that applies pressure and vibration while the needle is inserted in the skin, according to a study presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2014 annual meeting. “As many [...]