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MRI Based on a Sugar Molecule Can Tell Cancerous from Noncancerous Cells

Normal cells (left) have far more sugar attached to mucin proteins than do cancerous cells (right). Mucin-attached sugar generates a high MRI signal, shown in red. Source: Credit: Xiaolei Song/Johns Hopkins Medicine

Imaging tests like mammograms or CT scans can detect tumors, but figuring out whether a growth is or isn’t cancer usually requires a biopsy to study cells directly. Now results of a Johns Hopkins study suggest that MRI could one day make biopsies more effective or even replace them altogether by noninvasively detecting telltale sugar [...]

A Wristband That Destroys Cancer Cells

Google's now also a search engine for cancer - tumor cells everywhere, quake in fear! Source:

The fight against cancer isn’t limited to just the healthcare and medical device industries – Google, among others, has enlisted in the battle against the disease. You may have heard late last year that Google is working on a cancer-detecting pill that employs tiny magnetic particles to search for malignant cells, and reports their findings [...]

Like Angelina Jolie, Study Pinpoints Genetic Cause Of Increased Leukemia Risk

Like Jolie's predisposition to breast and ovarian cancers with BRCA mutation, study shows mutated ETV6 ups leukemia risk.
Source: Gage Skidmore cc license

A University of Colorado Cancer Center study published in the journal Nature Genetics describes a newly-discovered, heritable genetic cause of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), namely mutation of the gene ETV6. Much like mutation of the gene BRCA marks people at risk to develop breast and ovarian cancers, identification of mutations in the gene ETV6 may [...]

HBV Exposure Matures Infants’ Immune Systems

This is the hepatitis B virus surface antigen in cord blood cells from HBV positive mothers.
Source: Michelle Hong / Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore

Singapore led study has shown that Hepatitis B Virus Infection (HBV) exposure increases the immune system maturation of infants, which may give a better survival advantage to counteract bacterial infection during early life. These findings radically modify the way that HBV vertical infection of neonates (mother-to-child) is portrayed, and present a paradigm shift in the [...]

Phase 1 Trial Of First Ebola Vaccine Based On 2014 Virus Strain Shows Vaccine Is Safe Snd Provokes An Immune Response

Hypodermic needle (stock image).
Source: © Nicola De Mitri / Fotolia

Results from the first phase 1 trial of an Ebola vaccine based on the current (2014) strain of the virus are today published in The Lancet. Until now, all tested Ebola virus vaccines have been based on the virus strain from the Zaire outbreak in 1976. The results suggest that the new vaccine is safe, [...]

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