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Pain-Free Blood Tests

This prototype device is being developed into a fool-proof, almost painless way to draw blood samples by Tasso, formed by students of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Source: David Tenenbaum/UW-Madison

A company with deep roots at the University of Wisconsin-Madison wants to make blood sampling less painful and more convenient. Tasso Inc. is perfecting a device the size of a pingpong ball that extracts a small sample while held against the skin for two minutes. During this time, a slight vacuum in the device enables […]

Shape-Shifting Molecule Tricks Viruses Into Mutating Themselves To Death

Andre Tokmakoff and Sam Peng collaborated with associates at the University of Chicago and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used a range of chemical tools to better understand the molecular action of an anti-viral drug.
Source: Courtesy of Sam Peng

A newly developed spectroscopy method is helping to clarify the poorly understood molecular process by which an anti-HIV drug induces lethal mutations in the virus’s genetic material. The findings from the University of Chicago and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could bolster efforts to develop the next generation of anti-viral treatments. Viruses can mutate rapidly […]

New Method Increases Accuracy Of Ovarian Cancer Prognosis And Diagnosis

In her Genomic Signal Processing Lab at the University of Utah, Orly Alter develops new mathematical techniques, inspired by theoretical physics, for finding patterns in data. Source: Nathan L. Galli, University of Utah

Nearly anyone touched by ovarian cancer will tell you: it’s devastating. It’s bad enough that cancer in almost 80% of patients reaches advanced stages before diagnosis, and that most patients are expected to die within five years. But just as painfully, roughly one quarter of women diagnosed have no warning that they are resistant to […]

UV Light Robot To Clean Hospital Rooms Could Help Stop Spread Of ‘Superbugs’

Surfaces in hospital rooms such as tray tables, bedrails, call buttons and grab bars can be reservoirs for bacteria. A new UV light method for cleaning hospital rooms could help stop the spread of dangerous bacteria, and in turn, save lives. Source: Texas A&M Health Science Center

Can a robot clean a hospital room just as well as a person? According to new research out of the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, that is indeed the case. Chetan Jinadatha, MD, MPH, assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Medicine and chief of infectious diseases at the Central Texas […]

Vanderbilt Joins National Effort To Speed Ebola Therapy Testing

Vanderbilt has joined a multi-center team working to speed the development of potential Ebola therapies. Here, James Crowe Jr., M.D., and graduate student Andrew Flyak work with antibody-producing cells from people in Africa who have survived infection by the virus. Source: Photo by Anne Rayner

Vanderbilt University researchers have joined a multi-center effort led by Pennsylvania-based Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. to accelerate development of potential antibody therapies against the often-lethal Ebola virus. On Wednesday, Inovio announced it had been awarded an initial two-year, $21-million grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), part of the US Department of Defense, to […]

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