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Round-The-Clock Glucose Control For Pregnant Diabetic Women

Women can use this data to make sure that the times of day when glucose seems to run higher are periods where they are particularly careful to keep their glucose as close to normal as possible. Source: University of Leeds

Achieving better glucose control in pregnant women with diabetes by using continuous glucose monitoring may help them give birth to healthier children, new research from the University of Leeds says. Up to 50% of babies born to women with diabetes are born too large, which can lead to greater intervention and problems during childbirth and […]

Are Hospitals Doing All They Can To Prevent C. Diff Infections? Not Yet, New Study Suggests

C. difficile bacteria fluoresces under UV light.
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Nearly half of American hospitals aren’t taking key steps to prevent a kind of gut infection that kills nearly 30,000 people annually and sickens hundreds of thousands more – despite strong evidence that such steps work, according to a new study. While nearly all of the 398 hospitals in the study use a variety of […]

How To Identify Drugs That Work Best For Each Patient

MIT chemical engineers have designed an implantable device that can deliver many drugs at once, allowing researchers to determine which drugs are the most effective against a patient's tumor. Source: Image: Eric Smith (edited by Jose-Luis Olivares/MIT)

More than 100 drugs have been approved to treat cancer, but predicting which ones will help a particular patient is an inexact science at best. A new device developed at MIT may change that. The implantable device, about the size of the grain of rice, can carry small doses of up to 30 different drugs. […]

Falsified Medicines Taint Global Supply

Generic medication.
Source: Commons.Wikimedia

When you take a medication for, say, high cholesterol, do you know that pill is really what the label says it is? Depending upon the type of medicine and where you live, the threat of falsified medications (also referred to as counterfeit, fraudulent, and substandard) can be quite real, yet the full scope and prevalence […]

Is There Such A Thing As ‘Pure’ Autism? Genetic Analysis Says No

Autism Ribbon
Source: Creative Commons

The search for genes that contribute to the risk for autism has made tremendous strides over the past 3 years. As this field has advanced, investigators have wondered whether the diversity of clinical features across patients with autism reflects heterogeneous sources of genetic risk. If so, it was reasoned, then selecting a group of patients […]

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