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New System Reduces Speech Therapy Time from Years to Months

CompleteSpeech announced the commercial availability of its Palatometer system, the most accurate technology available to solve the problems associated with speech and articulation. Test marketing with hundreds of clients using the Palatometer has proven to dramatically reduce the time it takes to successfully complete speech therapy from multiple years to a less than three months, with nine out of 10 clients showing drastic improvement in overcoming speech issues.

The Palatometer is comprised of three components: a custom-made mouthpiece covered with 124 sensors that monitor the tongue-to-palate contact during speech, a microprocessor device that links the mouthpiece to a personal computer, and intuitive software that produces real-time visual feedback on the computer for all users to view.

“Up to this point, speech therapists have been using therapy tools like wooden tongue depressors or plastic straws to try and teach clients the proper place to touch their tongue,” said Andy May, CEO of CompleteSpeech. “With the Palatometer, we are giving users the opportunity to see exactly what their tongue is doing when they speak, with real-time visuals from inside the mouth. The visual element of our system is the most accurate way to pinpoint and examine an individual’s unique speech problems relating to tongue placement. Our system also produces numerical feedback on tongue placement accuracy, which helps therapists quantify progress and makes it that much easier to identify and implement the necessary corrections.”

While traditional speech therapies can take years to complete, users of CompleteSpeech’s innovative technology have seen remarkable and rapid progress. One such example is Cade Ledet, a 13–year-old user from DeRidder, Louisiana, who participated during a recent test marketing period. Cade had been enrolled in traditional speech therapy for more than eight years in an attempt to correct his problem articulating the letter “R.” After six sessions with the Palatometer, Cade’s speech problem was eliminated.



“Cade has been in speech therapy since he was five. I was afraid his speech was going to hold him back in so many ways throughout life,” said Cade’s mother, Shannon Ledet. “Since using CompleteSpeech, when I listen to him speak it sounds perfect. It’s everything I ever wanted for him.”

“Because of the real-time, visual component of our system, and because the SmartPalate mouthpiece is custom made and doesn’t add any interference to a person’s speech, we have found that results are happening at an astoundingly faster rate than with the old, traditional methods,” added May. “For people struggling with speech and articulation, it is a relief to know that they are only months – or sometimes even just weeks – away from eliminating their speech problem, as opposed to years.”

The CompleteSpeech system can assist those with misarticulation of consonant sounds quickly and permanently, enabling them to overcome their speech disorders. The system also has applications for people seeking accent modification and those with hearing impairments, cleft-palates, cochlear implants, apraxia of speech, problems swallowing, cerebral palsy and many other disorder affecting speech.

Features of the Palatometer system include:

  • 124 contact sensors on the mouthpiece
  • A thin mouthpiece that minimizes the effect on speech clarity
  • User-definable tongue targets that show the user on screen where to properly place their tongue
  • Real-time numerical scoring that produces a percent accuracy score of the user’s current production compared to a pre-defined target
  • Customizable sessions that can be stored for later use
  • An integrated microphone for audio recordings

Source: CompleteSpeech

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